Erfworld fan Dr. Tim, who supports us and many other webcomics through his company's regular purchases, wanted me to pass on this set of guidelines he got directly from Amazon customer service. Follow these rules carefully, to make sure that your purchases count toward Erfworld's total.

Thanks for your support!

- If a customer realizes that they forgot to place their order through an Associate link, and clicks back through an Associate's website after they already placed an item in their shopping cart, then the item in the cart will not be tagged and no credit will be received.

- Items may have already been in the customer's shopping cart from a previous visit to Items stay in the shopping cart for 90 days. If a customer tries to place an order for the same item and it was already in their shopping cart, our system is set up to not record the same item twice and will default to the first time the item was added to the cart. No credit will be received.

- If a customer updates the quantity (i.e. from 1 to 2 items), only one item will be tagged to the Associate account. This is to help ensure that we avoid duplicate orders and customer misunderstandings and no credit will be received for the additional items.

- If a customer visits a different site after clicking on your link, the items could be tagged to a different Associate. Each item is tagged only if it's added to the cart during the 24-hour shopping session that begins when your link is clicked. That session ends early if the customer completes an order or clicks through another site.