Fan Art of TheMutant

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By Titan

We’ve had a lot of wonderful fan artists for Erfworld over the years, but I wanted to kick off this stream by recognizing one of my all-time favorites, TheMutant. TheMutant has been a frequent poster to the forums and an occasional visitor to the #erfworld IRC channel for years.
His adorable, pudgy dwagons and imaginative scenes are both completely Erfworld and completely his own style. I love his take on our beasts and characters, so please go visit his DeviantArt gallery and appreciate all of his work.
Most of the awards we give out on the new site will be on the order of 5, 10, 25 Shmuckers or so. But In recognition of all his years of contributing to the Erfworld community, we hereby award TheMutant a whopping 200 Shmuckers. If you’ve appreciated his art over the years, you can tip him as well.