Fan Art and Gen Con 2014

A few weeks ago, I finally decided to stop thinking about it and actually take the time to draw some fan art that I've always wanted to do.  I picked my favorite webcomic artists that I knew would be at Gen Con 2014, and sat down and figured out what I wanted to draw.  I've always loved the way monsters are named in Erfworld, and since my character is named "Nate the Robot", I knew I had to somehow make a play on that.  Stanley is such a fun character, I knew that he was the one I due to the fact that he's "always right".  So in a flurry of drawing, I came up with this:

Erfworld Fan Art with Nate the Robot

Gen Con is always crazy busy for me, I travel up from southern Indiana (luckily, it’s a short drive) with several friends, and we’re able to stay for free in Indy at one of my friend’s sister’s house (lucky again!).  But my friends and I play Pathfinder Society, and so basically Friday and Saturday, we’re in gaming from 8am to midnight.  But Thursday, I was able to stop by the Erfworld booth and talk to Rob in person (the first highlight of the weekend), and hand deliver the art.

Meeting Rob

I can’t begin to describe what an amazingly great guy Rob is in person.  He was so friendly and supportive.  I wasn’t able to talk long with him on Thursday, but I was able to catch up again on Sunday and he was so upset with himself that he didn’t remember me (despite the thousands upon thousands of people he saw that weekend).

It was an amazing experience connecting with someone so talented, I try to learn from every webcomic creator I meet, and Rob taught me how valuable it is being a nice guy to your readers.  I can tell you that every webcomic creator I’ve ever met has been nice, but I’ve not met anyone who was so nice as Rob.

Jim Haas

P.S. For any other Pathfinders out there, Bone Keep level 3 SUCKS! =)

NOTE: It was great to meet Jim at Gen Con (I don't think I'm as nice as he said I was, but he is), and I love the fan art. For this great post, I award him 75 Shmuckers! Be sure and visit Nate the Robot! -Rob


  • Nate_the_Robot

    Rob's too humble, he IS the nicest guy!

    Thanks for the plug, and thanks to all that have visited Nate this past week.  I hope you see improvements, both in art AND story as you read through the archives.