Map of Gobwin Knob and neighbours

Map from the comic page 41, straightened, cleaned and with a little bit more contrast on some


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  • EvilBarrels

    Nice job on the map. Although, this does raise a few questions about the neutral areas. What do the white, black and dark blue areas represent? And what is that spot in Charlescomm? Well, I guess the dark blue areas would represent large bodies of water but the others still puzzle me.

  • Ashendant

    White: Barbarian regions

    Dark Blue: Sea

    Black: Jack and his hat

  • Interjection Games

    This just in - side of Dogfort under attack by a harryhausen with impeccable fashion sense.

  • DoomBlahSong

    I should think white is mountains, no? Charlescomm is also deep within high snowy mountains and is probably only accessible by air and a few unit types with extreme climbing special.

  • Thanks for flattening the map, someone had to do it XD

    Seriously though nice job with the colors it makes it more pleasant to the eyes.

  • Spruce

    @╒╦╧╬╩╦╦╛ Heheh, I hadn't read the forum posts before I straightened the map, but after I noticed that you had done it already I compared the two maps and they overlap quite well with a minimal stretch and turn so I think we both did good. :D

    The white areas on corners are the unknown areas that were cut by the comic panel and the large white areas in the center are the light gray areas of the comic panel's map that were really easy (at least for me) to mix with Faq, Hobbittm and Charlescomm. I think they are just neutral areas, if they were mountains the Faq would have a white (or light grey) ring around it. The darker blue dot in Charlescomm area is possibly the capital and it's surroundings, I wasn't sure so I decided not to write anything that wasn't already described in the comic panel.

  • IronBear

    That white area is probably unincorporated Queen Bea territory.

  • swimtsunami

    Spruce, thanks for making this.

    I have added the co-ordinates that we learned for the locations of the capitals. These locations are from Book 3 - Page 30 - Agreement With Charlescomm. I would post it here but I can not figure out how, I have attached a link if anyone is interested. Space Rock is mapped three times further "south" of Faq (270 units)than Faq is of Charlescomm (89 units). However the given coordinates for Faq give a distance of only 63 MCS units.


    This shows that either Jacks map perspective is way off, the intelligence is wonky, Erf is a very irregular shape, or Charlie (and the Titans) made a typo.

  • jszellmer

    @ evilbarrels

    I believe it mentions (somewhere) that Charlescomm has one city (the darker blue spot) with a large buffer zone (the lighter blue area).

  • MonteCristo

    My theory on the white space is that its unclaimed unaroyal cities. There is nothing that says that GK conquered ALL of unaroyal before they marched to the capital; they may have only taken the cities to the west of Unaroyal leaving the east untouched. When the side fell, the remaining cities to the east went Neutral and thus we have our white space. GK may have never claimed those cities because Ansom wanted to concentrate next on pushing south to Spacerock. And for whatever reason none of the other sides claimed those cities. The map might also be incomplete; it was built from the memory of the various units but any foxmud/hyatt/sofaking units they have would not know of any recent gains by their former sides, like if they claimed any of those neutral cities for themselves. 

  • Frankie

    @swimtsunami, Erfworld is not Cartesian, it's hex-based. As such, it almost certainly follows a skewed axial coordinate system.

  • Frankie

    This fits the data, plus or minus a couple degrees.

  • mroozee

    I built a hex version of this map in Excel if anybody wants it.  I'd post it here but I don't know what the rules are about such things (it's about 460k).

  • Spruce


    Community/About -tab has information on the community stream submissions and what rights you give by submitting something, the dark grey box at the bottom of the webpage has information on how forum posts are treated. It looks like it depends mainly on is your work done and ready fanart/-stories or other Erf-related pictures and stories (to the stream or forums) or speculation (to the forums). Fanart can be speculative also, of course. Posting a pic/link as a response (like Frankie's pic of a map with coordinate lines, above) doesn't have limiting rules that I know of (I have understood that they still follow the disclaimer of the forum posts), outside the obvious no shocking/illegal stuff.

    The picture files are hosted on the service that the user originally uploaded them into, I assume that all files are treated the same way.

    The hex map would be interesting to see.

  • mroozee


    The black lines indicate every 50 hex marks (so -1300, -1250, -1200, etc. for x and 400, 450, 500, etc. for y).  The yellow dots are either estimates of where the capital cities using the "center of the name" or their actual coordinates where available.

  • Spruce


    Woah! It really is huge :D

  • Mogster2

    Has it been officially stated anywhere whether Erfworld is round (like Earth) or flat (like Narnia)?

  • FrankHarr

    "Has it been officially stated anywhere whether Erfworld is round (like Earth) or flat (like Narnia)?"

    I believe the magic kingdom is on the oposite side of the planet from everything else.



  • Spruce

    I don't think it has been. Somebody speculated that it could be a cylinder with inaccessible poles, like the maps in Civilization games.

  • mroozee

    For hex-mapping purposes, there are only a few topologies that are easily applied.  Erf could be: Planar, Cylindrical, Toroidal, Mobius Strip, and Klein Bottle without too much trouble.  It's actually much tougher to represent a hex grid on a Sphere (or Projective Plane).

  • Mogster2

    If all hexes are the same shape and size, yes. But I'm not sure that's official either.

  • Spruce

    map liab

    Here's the map from the Book 2 Page 30. Piece of panel 6 with an overlaid hex grid: link. As the original picture was so small there is lots of guesswork.

    Possible explanations:

    Dark green: fully green hexes, heavy forest or forest

    Bright green: partly green hexes, forest or light forest

    Tan: tan hexes, field

    Dark brown: fully brown hexes, mountain, high hills or hills

    Bright brown: partly brown hexes, hills or low hills

    Blue: river and water hexes

    Gray: faint gray lines on hexes, ?

    Red: small red blobs, city

    Pink: small pinkish/faded red blob, ?

    White: unknown, blocked by Duncan, Jillian or panel edge

    The three cities are possibly Progrock, Brookstone and Spacerock.

  • Frankie

    I agree that gamist polar cylindrical is the most likely world shape. Second is flat with a giant tuwtle underneath.

    Alternate wilder option: if there are isolated pentagonal "hexes" in the right 12 locations, Erfworld could be a bucky sphere. Calculating coordinates on that could be a pain.

  • Mogster2

    Like a soccer ball, huh?


    I guess rather than asking if Erfworld is flat, a better question would be: does it have edges where the world ends? A cylindrical shape would have top (North) and bottom (South) edges, but no East or West, right?

  • Spruce

    Magic Kingdom (with it's extra large hex) could work as a polar cap hex.