'Tis a story of a unit,
A unit bold and strong.
A lover and a piker,
With a lance sure and long!

He popped in a kingdom dead,
Not far away on Erf;
Soft golden face and hair,
And a mount of chocolate surf.

A royal he was not.
Nor of the caster snob.
Thus for many a turn,
None noticed him on the job...

But Fate had other plans,
This unit was to win!
Against Royals in a lancing bout,
A Knight's Tale was to be!

So the Joker, his moniker,
His Signamancy out to shock,
Neon green hair, ghostly skin pale,
On Brokeback his mount Horse.

Toppled many a favourite,
Our unit, in one stroke,
Batman of yore, in ghastly gore
The Lancelot's long lance broke!

Thus when The Joker died,
Young, happy, sleepless, forlorn,
The Titans, they welcomed him,
Even as the units below mourned!

The gates of the City of Heroes,
They opened wide for him,
Just as he was about to step in though
Fate had a different whim!

The Titans frowned their brows,
Fate was at it again;
For our unit, the young dead Joker,
Was sucked back in a bargain.

A Carny and a Weirdo,
In link strong but dark,
Casted mancy never seen before
In song of hellhound bark.

The Rhyme-o-mancer that channeled their force,
Brought about the hypnotism of Parnassus;
And is the same Rhyme-o-mancer that
Has held and forced you into this abyss.

For just by listening to this song
You have passed turns quite a few,
Without leveling or gaining xp,
Just burning upkeep through!

Your kingdom lost and weary of
Your battalion bubbled here,
Your lord knows of where you are,
But, unable to make sense of such queer,

Not even thinkamancy can reach you
While in the throes of this rhyme,
The Joker laughs each time
Someone whiles away their time!

The Carny and the Weirdo,
Let me tell you what they did;
Won't matter after this though,
You would know nought but to yield.

They created a blackhole vast
Called content and internet
And cast its mighty lifesucking jaws
On whoever that could sit!

Many a rhyme-o-mancy such,
Was cast upon its threads;
The Joker was brought back to life
Your sucked time paying his debts!

Each time you spend these hours of your life
Listening to meaningless rhyme,
The Joker laughs, his mighty laugh
As he gains your lost time!

Not only he, but the Weirdo and Carny
Too continue to live;
The Titans still frowning their brows
Do not know what does give.

Little do they know they themselves
Are a product of such fates;
Parnassus has made sure that
Up there are not one way gates...

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