Holiday Break, Part 2 (David is moving)

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As I mentioned earlier, we're going to take a bit of a slowdown on updates for a while. Christmas involved travel for everyone on Team Erfworld, and Linda and I will be doing a retreat with some friends over the New Year's holiday. Meanwhile, David is moving halfway across the country, and his ability to draw the comic won't be restored to full capacity until about mid-January.

So I'll be updating Duke Forecastle until it concludes, and there may be one or two Book 3 updates as well, but don't expect us to resume to the normal schedule until the second half of January.

I hope everyone's having a wonderful holiday season, and best wishes to all of you for a great 2015!



  • Corrupt User

    You guys have lives too, you don't need our permission to live them.  Not sure about anyone else, but I enjoy the Fawksull storyline as much as the main comic.

  • Armanatar

    What Corrupt User said. I definitely appreciate you keeping us in the loop, though. I'd rather a month-long hiatus where I know what's going on and when it's coming back than a week-long vanish-without-a-word style hiatus. BTW, just got my hardcover Book 2 for Christmas, and it's fantastic. Enjoy your vacations!

  • spriteless

    You do what you have to, this free site you run shouldn't be your only priority. Thank you kindly for the heads up.

  • Lheticus

    At this point, I don't think it even needs to be said that you've the right to hiatus whenever you need to, so I'll just join those thanking you for the heads-up.

  • urbalt

    Thanks for the heads-up. Expectation-setting FTW.

  • TiamatRoar

    I love the Forecastle plot so if that keeps on updating, that'll be enough for me

  • Sir Dr D

    You guys are as entitled to holidays as everyone else. It is Christmas. Take some time off :)

  • Corrupt User

    Just out of curiosity, when Fawksull is finished up, will the next set of text updates be a new storyline, more Book 0, or DigDoug Part 2?  I'm happy with any.

  • balder

    @Corrupt User - I'll start a new story for a backer from the first project. We definitely will do more Digdoug someday, but he's got to wait his turn.


    @everybody else - thanks for understanding

  • threezero98

    Thanks for the heads up definitely! And more Digdoug is definitely great news! The story somehow seemed..unfinished..!

  • SteveMB

    Good luck with the move!


  • Arky

    Hope the move is going well! Any heads up as to when we should expect the next instalment of Forecastle or Book 3?

  • balder

    The move's not going particularly well, it seems. I did take a whole week and a little more on the retreat and really try and relax. This week has been mostly getting back up to speed. I'll try and have more Forecastle up asap but I'm not making any specific promises as to when. January is just going to be a slow month before we can ramp up to our regular schedule again. There's a lot of non-writing stuff going on as well.

  • SteveMB

    Gah. Maybe I should have said "Break a leg with the move" to avoid jinxing it....


  • Menas

    Maybe if you're able to get ahead on strips this year you could use your reserves for holiday weeks in addition to sick days, etc.?  Hope the move gets better for you.  I may not check back until the end of the month for an update so I don't get my hopes up for naught =).

  • Corrupt User

    I think they are making as many reserves as they can, they just get used up too fast.  Because life happens (damn dirty hippymancers; hey I just realized that when Sizemore was, umm, canoodling with the hippymancers, that made them dirty hippies!).

  • zexius

    For the love of Titans i need more of Erfworld, please good Titans give us some.

  • Lheticus

    Welp, technically this is the second half of another update on the situation coming soon?  Would be nice, though you don't have to.

  • bizzutts

    Hope you enjoyed your vacation rob! Will you be back to making the comic soon? You were paid 150 thousand dollars two post two comics a week!

  • the tick rules

    Erfworld vs my tax returns, which will arrive first?

  • Brucester

    When is the Erfworld comic returning please?

  • focused

    I can' wait until the second half of January!

  • TheFreeMason

    If there's not another comic page coming soon it would be nice to have another update like this just so we're aware and not constantly checking, hoping/expecting to see something. Forecastle is awesome but I want to know what's happening with Parson!

  • Atlas

    Let's be fair guys; he didn't say which January. So it could be January 2016 or 2017 or whatever.


    Also, it's not like he took a bunch of money to make these comi.... oh. Never mind.

  • Chadim

    Hi Rob,

    I hope you and your team are ok!

    Let's talk about the Pwoboscidea in the room. Any news concerning the scheduling issues would be much appreciated.