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  • Book 3 Updates to Return on Friday, February 27!

Book 3 Updates to Return on Friday, February 27!

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By balder Comments (20)

Hey, this news is pretty late in coming, but I hate making promises before I'm pretty sure we can come through. The regular schedule of Book 3 updates (Mondays and Fridays) will resume this Friday, February 27th.


David's move has simply been a nightmare for him, and it's still not settled. But he is back to work on comic pages now, and can keep to our regular production schedule even though he still has an awful lot to deal with.


For my part, I took a lot of time in the last couple of months to focus on the Forecastle story (which grew way beyond the scope I had planned for it) and to work with the web team on an important and exciting new plan for the Toolbox, which we'll be rolling out in March.


I'm going to wait for a few weeks to roll out the next Kickstarter backer story, but I am working with a couple of backers on their ideas for upcoming tales. I have been just blown away by the level of positive feedback and support that we got for Forecastle, and I'm looking forward to carving out more stories to throw some light on the darkened corners of Erfworld.


With the return to regular updates looming, now's the time for you to start submitting some articles, stories, art and comics to the Gaming, Fiction, and Community streams!

Thanks as always for your patience and support.


  • Umbrella merc

    Happy to hear news about the return. Hope David's move can be settled soon.

  • dmolla

    The Forecastle story was simply amazing. How you managed to make me feel for a fictitious bird is beyond my capacity to understand. 

    I pity the followers who don't like the text updates / stories. They provide such a richness to the overall character of Erfworld.

  • masotime

    Thank you for the update. It is much appreciated.

  • Lheticus

    I echo masotime's comment.

  • the tick rules


    Good to read.  Don't take this too harshly anyone but no main story for over two months and the numerous interruptions prior have brought erf down to the point of near extinction.

  • LordAcme

    ^^ have to disagree with the previous comment. My handy-dandy RSS feed extension tells me when there's Erfworld updates, and I go and read them then. Don't get me wrong, if you shipped the entire story tomorrow I'd be in the store buying it, but as long as the RSS extension tells me there's something new to read, I'll come over and read it.

    Also, I really, really like your writing on the text updates. When you decide you want to redo the Erfworld graphic novels in full-text format, I will be a very, very happy reader and buyer :)

  • Lerianis

    YAY! Been waiting for this, though the Forecastle updates whetted my appetite while the comic was on temporary hiatus.

  • wraith203

    In reply to LordAcme  http://forums.erfworld.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=7221

    I've gotten somewhat curious at what could possibly have held David up so long.  It takes time to move, but even a complete cross country move by car/truck doesn't take this long.  Anything less than the moving truck falling into a ravine doesn't really explain the time.

    Forecastle was great, but I'm very glad the comic will be returning, hopefully with some non-texty updates.  I've missed them!

  • Squall83

    Well, I hope all these tons or work don't make you grow - ahem - balder. cool

    I am not leaving a comic just because of irregular updates. I've been here ever since I discovered the link on the OOTS site (which was when about a handful of pages for book 1 were up) and I am going to stay.

    Btw: The updates of OOTS are a lot more scarce than yours.

  • BakaGrappler

    Glad David has gotten most of his stuff settled, and yeah, Forecastle was some pretty epic stuff!  I really enjoyed it.


    And don't worry about my and ElvenAvariel's work, we also ended up with a holiday season hiatus.  I hope you at the least will look forward to the next installment in the series, and everyone else as well.  EA's got a little surprise in the works for everyone.

  • j scheibel

    I enjoyed this short story the best out of any thus far. I liked it better than many of the main stories arcs. Probably because it explored an area of erf world that seemed very alien (water) though using the familiar systems and ideas. This made it easy to connect with the hero as he was in a similar situation.  I found the whole thing as remarkable as when Bea disbanded a whole side. Thanks for taking the time and not cutting the story short.

  • Xeiran

    What @jscheibel said.  Really enjoyed Duke Forecastle, even if I am also looking forward to renewed main story updates.  Will be interesting to see how the next all-text side story goes.

  • cloudbreaker

    I guess I should try to finish up the story I've been working on and submit it already.  Can't wait for Friday!

  • Jatopian

    If the schedule does not resume as you say, will you give us more news then?

  • ruleno2

    Just commenting to say: Duke Forecastle was one of the best stories I've read in a long while.  I feel like there's quite a barrier of entry to getting new people into Erfworld without starting from the beginning, but these self-contained stories come far closer to being something I can share with friends to get them into the world.  Might still be too much to handle out of context, what with the Luckamancy and all (inspiring use of mechanics to create a story btw), but I may have to try anyway.  Just wanted to say though - fantastic work.  Maybe favorite plotline so far.  Can't wait for more.

  • Polvane the eraser

    Excellent news.   Thanks for the update, Rob. 

    I continue to wish David good luck with his move.   Sympathies on it being a nightmare.

  • kiedman

    Just want to add my note of appreciation - as much as I love the comic pages - indeed they are what first captured my interest, the stories have added a wonderful richness to my enjoyment of erfworld. I'm very much looking forward to david's drawings, but still the stories are SO GOOD. I hope they continue as well. Thanks!

  • linuxlizard

    Really enjoyed the Duke Forecastle story. Good luck to David on his move!

    Patiently waiting for more. Thanks for all your hard work!


  • focused

    OotS doesn't deserve comparison to erfworld.

    That was a cheapshot Squall83

  • danixdefcon5

    Nice! You're back! Good thing I was still checking off this site every 2 weeks or so. Hoping that David gets all sorted out, I'm getting pretty familiar with "temporary setbacks" spanning months as well.