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"Published" Badge, and Monthly Contest for Stream Articles

Hey all, I wanted to get this posted on the 31st, since all April 1 announcements are suspect. :)

Now that we've gotten the Toolshed launched (and a big THANK YOU to all who have pledged your support so far! We are closing in on Milestone 1!), I wanted to announce something we've been planning to do for a really long time now. Remember these lil guys?

fierce and loyal, but to whom?

This is the exclusive armored, decrypted red dwagon plushie from our first Kickstarter. It has silver-colored cloth claws, an armored hood, a big crescent-shaped horn, articulable wings, an armored back, and black boots and gauntlets.


fierce and loyal, but to whom?


We made only 600 of them, and the only way to get one was to pledge that project. I promised that we'd never sell them, and we never will. Since Year of the Dwagon, I have given a small number of these to charity auctions at the various conventions we've attended, and given a couple more to Team Erfworld members and family. But now we're going to give you a chance to get one, yourself!

From now until further notice, the best article, comic, story, or other piece of content posted to our streams each month will receive an armored decrypted red plushie. "Best" is 100% subjective and 100% my call. But my criteria will lean toward "most enjoyed by Erfworld fans" so your comments and tips to the article author will have an effect on my decision.

We have also introduced a new site badge, called "PUBLISHED," for anyone whose submissions were promoted to one of our streams. These should be showing up in your profile now, if you're one of the 35 users who qualify so far (not all submissions are promoted).

more new badges rolling out soon


So drag out your game-related short stories or Erfworld fanfic and finish them up to submit. Let's see some fan comics and art! If you've got a YouTube channel on model painting, GM tips, game reviews, etc., write it up and submit it. We want to see you sharing what you can do with other Erfworld readers! 


  • Knott


    Hopefully this will give Spruce new incentive to conjure some more hilarious fanon.

  • dmolla

    Well, don't I wish I was creative!

  • Ariamaki

    At the exact moment this post went up I got a strange message from PayPal about Erfworld suspending my ongoing payments. I double-checked my card, it's still fine. What's up over there?

  • Red

    There should've been a note in the email from PayPal about the suspended profiles:

    Hi everyone! At the last minute, we discovered that PayPal was set to overbill every subscriber by multiples of what you pledged. So we have temporarily suspended everybody's payment plan while we set the amounts correctly and fix the problem for the future. You do not need to contact us, or Paypal. In the next day or two, you may receive more emails about your payment plan being reactivated, the correct amount being charged as an 'overdue' amount, or other weirdness. Don't worry. We'll sort it all out with Paypal tech support and make sure your pledge is charged correctly. This stuff is new for the team, and it's our first time running payments. There were bound to be some issues.

    Thanks as always for your tremendously generous support and understanding.

    - Rob Balder

  • BakaGrappler

    It was already tons of fun, and very satisfying to be contributing to Erfworld.  Now it's just even more so. :D

    I doubt I'll ever win an armored red, though, since I average 2 comments per release. But the forum badge is really neat-o.  It makes me want to release even more content.

    Speaking of, I'm working on a side project that is a side project to every other project. Strongman the Barbarian. I think with him, I'll go the Robert E. Howard route and write them up episodically in the forum, then in short story arc submissions to the front page once they are all done (Like Howard's publishing in pulp magazines and then collected into individual books) instead of the ErfWorld style Text Update route I'm taking with Shadows of the Evergreen.

    ...Damn. It's past midnight, I have slept badly the past two nights... and I have a hankerin' to do some creative writing. I'm beyond help.

  • threezero98

    Yaaaaay! Badge badge badge badge badge badge badge badge badge badge!!! *Imagines plushie on head and continues jump dancing

  • wvscififan

    Mushroom Mushroom!

  • Housellama

    I was struck with an idea for an Erfworld fanfic along the lines of Shadows of Evergreen (And definitely inspired by it, so thank you BakaGrappler), but it's still percolating. I have some of the jokes but I'm still working on getting everything strung together.


  • balder

    Well don't worry, Housellama. The plushie a month contest will run for the foreseeable future. Take your time and make it awesome. I'm looking forward to it!

  • Housellama

    Don't worry Rob. The adventures of Law Rince of Arabica deserve to be well done, so I will make sure they are done well.

  • Lheticus

    My hat is officially thrown into the ring!  I've made it Public so anyone can check it out in the queue!