A few Erf IDs and poems

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By balder

I've slowly been working my way through the personalized backer rewards for those who pledged the "Attuned" levels of the Book 3 Kickstarter. These included the official name & role of the backer's counterpart character, and a haiku or limerick by me, on a topic of the backer's choice.


A few backers have given me permission to share their IDs and poems, so here are a three of those to enjoy. All backers at this level are also receiving the bonus badge Canonized:


Who's that dude?


For Danalog

Erf name & role

You are: Count Bogosort, a barbarian Date-a-mancer
Poem topic/format
haiku about an arkentool or arkentool wielder
Arkenhammer man
these Tools are for building worlds
but you just break things

For Xtense

Erf name & role

You are: Del Batchfile - a line commander for the side of Filepath
Poem topic/format
How a disabled body hides a beautiful mind. (limerick. Sorry the subject matter is not suited for funnies. You're welcome to try though :) )
                                                        A kerosene lantern burns bright.
                                                        But constrain that bright flame, good and tight?
                                                        It becomes a jet engine!
                                                        So focus attention,
                                                        By your physical limits, take flight.
For Scigrapher 
Erf name & role
You are: Perry Winkle - the purple knight, a garrison unit and captain of the Royal Guard at the Court of Permagranite
Poem topic 
(format unspecified, so I chose haiku) 
ASCII stupid question...