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By balder Comments (10)

Won't be updating Dylan & Thomas today, sorry. Between the payment system change with the Toolshed, and getting our taxes handled, there hasn't been time to write it. Next Wednesday, we'll pick it up again.


  • ArtyD

    *looks at toolshed statement*

    I see $502.10

  • Lheticus

    Congratulations, you can read a computer/smartphone screen. :P



  • LordAcme

    @ArtyD I think we just cracked that number as of yesterday? today? So today is when the official milestone takes effect, and Friday is the first release for that commitment.

    I'm glad we're over the top of the first milestone now. So much behind the scenes work has to happen besides the production effort itself, and all time costs money, so this is a good thing.

  • LordAcme

    ..why r my last sentences in small case? 

  • Red

    For what it's worth, I can verify that there was a lot of back end work over the last few days that needed Rob's attention to get the payment system change launched yesterday.

    Also I'd like to personally thank everyone for their patience while we've sorted out the issues with our payment system. Most of the delay has been the time it's taken me to re-write all of our PayPal code. Everyone seems to have been very understanding during the delay, and for other issues we've come across in our first month with the Toolshed.

    The reaction from everyone has made me prouder than ever to be not just a fan of Erfworld, but a member of this community.

  • meledin

    The toolshed status is most likely going to be inaccurate until next month, pending the subscriptions that are going to fall off because people need to re-subscribe. We will have to wait and see how many people remember to update (despite the reminder) before we can make any judgement on the actual expected contributions.

  • Polvane the eraser


    Congratulations on reaching 500.

    Is there any update to making the payment one-time-only for a quarter-year or half-year or something?   I requested that before, but I don't recall seeing it enabled.

  • Vorteks

    No problem about the payment stuff. New untried methods of doing things are bound to have some kinks to work out.

  • Amit

    The delays were actually what ultimately made me join the Toolshed. It was only then when I realized how much I miss the comic when it does not update, and that I'm willing to pay for it laughing

    Thanks, Rob and co. for all of your hard work and effort.

  • TheFreeMason

    I love the toolshed, glad you're taking the time to do it right. Being able to customise my contribution is great, I can only afford level 1 at the moment (poor uni student) but once I get a for reals job increasing my subscription amount is near the top of my list, second only to rent, bills, taxes, and a new computer :P Loving the references in Dylan and Thomas, and can't wait for the inevitable unveiling of new Rhyme-o-mancy mechanics.