The Siege of Palingrad, Part 2

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Part 2 of 5 in Siege of Palingrad

If Fester had heard Lord Gomez’s cry, he made no indication. He stood with arms upraised, a gnarled staff in his right hand. Gomez uneasily shifted to his left to see what was happening down below. Having no countermanding orders, the Igors were doggedly reloading the Cat-O-Nine-Palt again. Gomez called down the chief Igor, putting the weight of an order into his cry. “Lurch! That’s enough! Go find your master and tell him to meet me at the command post.”


Lurch and the other Igors halted. Since Lurch had new orders, he dropped the croaked body he was carrying and lumbered off to find Sir Pugsley, the Addams Family’s Dollamancer. The rest of the Igors just froze in whatever position they had been when the order to cease came down. Gomez always found that particular trait amusing.


The Igors were both the natural allies of the Addams Family as well the brainchildren of a link between Pugsley and Fester. The side’s Predictamancer, Eudora Addams, had prophesied that the side’s lack of natural allies would be solved if the two casters were linked. A Thinkamancer from the Magic Kingdom was hired, and the result was Lurch, the first and foremost of the Igor clan. They had proven faithful allies, even after Fester had defected to the League of Legends.


Gomez mentally ordered the Jabber-Pocky to descend; the beast banked to the right and began to spin in wide, lazy spirals over the assembled Addams troops. The warlord took the opportunity to survey his troops. Over three thousand units were in the hex, awaiting his orders. With his failure to poison the garrison of Palingrad, he feared that few would be left after taking the city. If only the League had met them in the open field.


The Addams employed the common infantry/calvary combo supported by fliers in the open field. However, they fielded a lot more heavies than the typical side and assigned them top leadership: their elite armored Spidews were ably led by Lady Wednesday, and Sir Pugsley led both the Igors as well as a squad of T-RX cloth golems. Their regular infantry was low level and most often used to blunt an enemy’s initial charge. The exception was the archer corps, commanded by Lady Morticia, a crack shot and a ruthless combatant. It was not uncommon for her to release swarms of arrows that struck both friend and foe alike.


The Addams also employed a variety of flying creatures: Dwagons, Hippocrates, and Blimpies formed the core of their air force. These were supplemented with Jabber-Pockies (mainly as low cost mounts), DingBats, and Mortes. The mix of units was excellent at providing support for the ground forces but lacked somewhat in pure air to air combat.


Gomez had withdrawn the Addams’ flyers after the debacle against the Roflcoptors. He was still uncertain if he would use them against the city itself; his intelligence suggested that the League’s Shockamancer had spent two turns in Palingrad spelling up the tower. With a caster in the city to direct the stored magic, not to mention the remaining archons and Roflcopters, a pitched air battle over the city was out of the question. He doubted even the Browncoats would be willing to take the job, and even if they would he couldn’t afford the hazard pay.


Without the ability to control Palingrad’s airspace, and no tunnel system to send the Spidews through, the only way to take Palingrad was to tear down its wall. Unfortunately, Gomez had been counting on the poison to lower the garrison’s strength. The Cat-O-Nine-Palt wouldn’t be able to breach a fully manned wall by itself, and the Addams Family’s siege reinforcements from Leftfield wouldn’t be there for two more turns. They would have to find another way to get into the city.


Fortunately, once the League ended turn, the Addams would be able to make use of the Burnam Woodsmen that Lord Gomez had popped specifically do take advantage of the local forests. The woodsmen were combat ready axe men that had the ability to construct a variety of siege towers in the field. There was a suitable forest three hexes away to the southeast, and Gomez had just the person in mind to handle the assignment.


As Lord Gomez landed, Puglsey came running up to meet him, followed by Lurch and Pugsley’s pet Things. “Ah, Pugsley, there you are! I have a job for you to do once our turn starts. Come over to the command post and I’ll show you where I need you to go on the map.” As Gomez and Pugsley trotted over to the elaborate black tent that served as the center for field operations, Gomez withdrew a fat cigar from his suit pocket. One of the Things, which were animated doll hands, clambered up Lord Gomez and snapped its fingers. A jet of orange flame popped up and Lord Gomez leaned forward to take a few pulls as the cigar slowly lit.


Gomez smoked his cigar almost nonchalantly as he gave Pugsley his orders. “Take the Burnam Woodsmen to the forest hex here at the start of our turn. I want them to cut enough lumber for two siege towers and a Bazinga. You’ll need some Igors and your T-RX’s to help haul all the lumber. We’ll build the towers here and move them up to the city once they are finished.”


Puglsey nodded his assent. “Sure thing, Lord. But shouldn’t I leave the T-RX’s and take something with larger arms? I’m not sure they are ‘cut out’ for hauling lumber.”


Lord Gomez smiled, “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that pun. Take whatever you need, as long as you get that lumber.”


Puglsey scurried off to prepare for his excursion while Gomez stood in the middle of the command tent and looked out. The city stood before him in the distance like a dreary summer day, formidable and aloof. Somewhere in that city was his brother, a brother that Gomez would be trying to kill very soon. He wished that the Titans had ordained otherwise, Fester had been his only sibling for at least a thousand turns. “Why Fester?” thought Gomez. “Why did you leave us? At least answer that for me before I croak you.”


Then the gates of Palingrad opened, and Fester himself emerged.

Part 2 of 5 in Siege of Palingrad


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