Rhyme-o-mancy takes time-o-mancy

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Hey I intended to have the next Dylan & Thomas up on Wednesday, but we're going to have to punt this one. It's turning out to be a lot tougher to write poetry-intensive updates than the prior backer stories. :-/


I like what I have written so far, but it's not long enough to count as an update. I'll admit I was tempted to post what I had, just to not miss out on the income from those of you who pledged to the backer stories. But that would be cheating. Let's just slate a long update for next week and I'll turn my attention back to Book 3 for a while. Sorry about that!


  • Corrupt User

    And so the naughtymancer had his say

    His latest fable would have a delay

    Are we upset with him, nay

    We'll return at a later day.

  • You did the noble thing sir, I salute your ethic.

  • BakaGrappler

    I am a Baka, and I endorse this message!

  • El Chupacabra

    Haiku is not tough

    Unless you have been drinking

    Miscounted syllables

  • fannypiggs

    I'd really encourage you guys to make some sort of a buffer. Save some money or work a part-time job for a bit. Create a month or two worth of posts and the come back to your current schedule. Since you guys are getting paid based on updates now, this will make it so that you can have a consistent paycheck coming in instead of having to decide between a paycheck and quality content.

    That said, thanks so much for choosing quality content! Thats a really honorable thing to do

  • Jacinth and Rubies

    Heh, glad to know I'm not the only one who needs to take some time to make a decent rhyme (:P) to say nothing of a good meter. Keep at it, Rob - you write great stories.

  • Lawence of Awabia

    There once was a man from Nantucket

    Who carried his fish in a bucket.

    He hopped on a train

    and he rode up to Maine

    Where he and his fish make a decent living writing free-verse limericks for the New Yorker.

    The End.


    See?  This Rhyme-o-mancy stuff is easy.


    Thanks for taking the time not to do it this way...



  • [quote="Jacinth and Rubies"] [...]the only one who needs to take some time to make a[...] a good meter. [/quote]

    Well... meters are all about time aren't they?

  • balder

    There once was a poet named Dan,

    Who wrote verses that never would scan.

       When they said, "But the thing

       Doesn't go with a swing!"

    He said, "Yes, but I always, in all cases, take great pleasure in fitting as many words into the very last line as I absolutely, positively can."

  • Squall83

    Well too much stress will make you Balder
    and trying hard will make you falter
    so just take your time
    to make up a rhyme
    and update what you need to alter.

  • Zorpheus

    It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time, it's tricky!

  • Davre

    It's tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time, it's tricky!

    That's MC Hammer, right?


  • TheFreeMason

    This kind of attitude is why I added the backer stories to my toolshed subscription (also because they're really good). You're a good man, Rob, keep it up!

  • Glaciesofpacis

    I've heard that staring at a beautiful sunset for at least fifteen minutes (not directly at the sun, mind you) and thinking good thoughts helps jog your imagination.

  • LordAcme

    Let me guess. You figured that of all the updates, this one would be be fun because of the rhymes, right? 

    Every single time I think something about a work assignment will be fun, that aspect is a minor nightmare at best. I've gotten to where I want my assignments to lack all attraction because the odds are there won't be any problems knocking it out in good form. And then I can go have actual fun somewhere :)

  • Surfal

    I can't help but notice the update we finally got has almost no rhymes. What really happened here?