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  • Last Chance Deal for All the Postcards - Ends Thursday

Last Chance Deal for All the Postcards - Ends Thursday

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By balder Comments (4)

Hey everyone. The Toolshed's had a ton of new subscribers this month, and I don't want anyone to miss out on collecting the full set of postcards, so here's what we're going to do.


Normally, to get a postcard, you have to be subscribed at a qualifying level (Level 3 or above), for the whole calendar month. But because we only just launched, we'll say that if you are subscribed at a qualifying level for all of May, then we will send you April's postcard ("Bunny's Boudoir") as well as May's (TBD, art posted soon!).


So you'll need to subscribe at a qualifying level before the update goes up on Friday, May 1 to take advantage of that. This is your last chance to start collecting the complete set. These postcards will never be sold (although the art will appear in a calendar eventually).


Thanks again for all your support, Old School Tools and Toolshed members at every level!


toolshed is best shed


  • The Rats

    hi, The_rats here, I went ahead and update my subscription to tier 3 to get all the postcard... but when I select to upgrade my subscription, it goes back to my profile and still say lvl 2, how long till it show proper? or will it be after next update?

  • balder

    Hm. Should be instant. When Red is around in a little while, he'll have to dig into it. We'll make sure you get your postcards, though. Thanks, The_Rats!

  • Red

    I am on the case!

  • The Rats

    well... new update is in, and still only 1$ showing in predges for this stip too...


    I tried again, same result