Ack, sorry. No Dylan & Thomas today

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By balder Comments (15)

To put it in Orwellian doublespeak, we are behind because we're getting ahead. I've been focused on building a script buffer to cover David's upcoming travel, and when something has to be sacrificed for time, that's usually going to be the backer story.


I'll get all of this under control and routine, someday. Sure I will. It's right around the corner. :P


  • Red

    The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.

  • Poraxus

    Between the dense meter and the sparse updates, it's been hard to really get into this story. That plus the fact that it came after Forecastle, which set the bar pretty ridiculously high.

  • ArtyD

    "Patience is a virtue but the turn will pass at end of day regardless of what we do.  The benefit of being the last side with a turn gives me an advantage that I do not have to order every single unit to do anything.  They feel the weight of the day on their shoulders and produce their actions based on what they can do with their move prior to the end of day.  For our side to continue to exist we merely need to continue to remain where we are and not draw attention to ourselves from the sides around us.  We exist outside the wars and barter because we choose to."

    -Lord Sloth spoken to Warlord Alfred Digensworth, high warlord of Dementia

  • Lheticus

    Thank you for calling the Creator line of Charlescomm, your battlespace solutions provider.  Your call is important to us, please hold and you will be transferred to the next backer story chapter as soon as possible.  Thank you, and have a nice day! *plays elevator music*

  • robertzi7

    So you regret, due to the threat of needing of offset the main script due to a preset rest, that you are pressed to request that we don't get depressed that the story has divest. I suppose we should not fret, and trust you will get out of this debt and as the obligations are eventually met.

  • Arky

    As Poraxus said, I'm not really into this story yet seeing as there's only 2 updates and nothing Erf-shattering has happened, so pretty happy if this delay keeps the main story on schedule.

  • Corrupt User

    So were were told by Rob

    not to fret or sob;

    there's not story today

    but that's ok

    we still think you do a good job

  • Falcon X

    Two updates a week isn't bad compared to most webcomics. I'm continually impressed that Rob has a strict schedule and treats it seriously when he misses. His pay-for-on-time-update choice says a lot for that.

    So, thanks for being consistent Rob, and thank you for your effort.

  • Squall83

    It must feel horrible to lose about 600$ again this way. Ok, maybe it's not quite as much, because probably not all Tools support backer story updates, but I do (as a humble Stabber) and I assume it's at least a few hundred $ you're not getting, so paradoxically you're getting punished for working hard. Also you're making me the punisher. frown

    I feel like Zintiel: tongue-out

    But that's only funny in the comic. So, you know what, you can have the 50 Cents from me anyway if you like. Since I'm new to being a Tool I am wondering whether the bill payment happens automatically or if I have to send it manually and thus have the chance to add the 50 Cents for yesterday?

    Also I am really curious about what you're doing differently from Aneeka on regarding payments, because I wanted to support her, too, but in her case PayPal requires a credit card number and I refuse to put something like that online, especially when I shouldn't need to do it. PayPal says debit is not supported without a CC, so I was wondering what you're doing differently. She says she doesn't know and has to research the issue (see, so if you already know the answer, maybe you can help?

  • WurmD

    The rhyming in the comments is immensely entertaining ^_^

  • robertzi7

    We are hoping that all of our combined efforts will give Rob a +1 bonus to script writing. A shame we aren't actually casters or we might be able to provide a more decent effect.

  • balder

    Hey Squall83, I really appreciate the fact that you would want to pledge even when we miss an update. But my feeling on this all is that this system is fair to everybody. You're not punishing me by not rewarding me for a thing I didn't manage to complete. It wasn't vindictive; this was the known consequence of not doing whatever it took to get that update written and posted. So don't feel bad!


    Yeah, it stings to miss an update. Money is still tight here (we just got hit with a $4000 invoice for European Kickstarter fulfillment). But those rewards and consequences will help me stay on track. It's best for me, and for those who pledged, and even for those who didn't pledge, to  maintain the integrity of the system and don't start changing the game around. Thanks, though!

  • balder

    Oh and Red can answer the Paypal question better than I can.

  • Red


    That is an interesting question about PayPal. I'm not sure what Aneeka's implementation is like so I can't be sure what the difference is, really. I can say we're using billing agreements with reference transactions through PayPal's classic api. I'm not sure if it even has an option to be picky about funding sources, but it will use whatever payment method is associated with your billing agreement on your PayPal account.

    If she's trying to to change her system, I might be able to help, though most of my time is taken with Erfworld's systems right now.

  • Squall83

    Alright, that makes sense, I accept it. I won't have a bad conscience anymore. :-)
    Also it's really awesome how early your newest update came. ^^

    Thanks for the info! And your offer to help is very kind, thanks for that, too. I forwarded the info to her and I'll leave further communications up to her.