May's Armored Decrypted Plushie Goes To....

...ElvenAvariel! For her fan art of Albert (and Wanda), ElvenAvariel will receive one of our never-to-be-sold Armored Decrypted Red Dwagon plushies!

There were a lot of good stories this month, but perhaps the Titans have a soft spot for art (or articles, reviews, video? How would you know unless you posted it to the Community or Gaming streams?) Let's get some new stuff posted for June's dwagon award!


  • sdub

    Congrats! Looking forward to seeing more fan art in the future.

  • ElvenAvariel

    O_O Oh wow, really? I'm so happy! Thank you so much!

    (psst, it's "her" ^_^ Curse my androgynous username.)

  • balder

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Okay. Okay. Here's what happened. Here's the direct transcript from the IRC channel:

    <RobTitan> Anyone know if ElvenAvariel is a he or a she? I seem to recall she.
    <sdub> I believe you're correct, let me look and see if I can find it
    <RobTitan> Nope it's a he.
    <RobTitan> Glad I checked.


    I had checked BakaGrappler's first PM to me where he's talking about you and he definitely called you a "he." So against what I thought I knew, I changed it. Sorry about that!

  • ElvenAvariel

    Yeah, BakaGrappler thought I was a guy up until the first Shadows of the Evergreen post. It happens.

    I like using this name so that I don't get treated differently during online games. ^_^ Guess it does the job.

  • ArtyD

    Care about gender as much as they care about getting shot in GTAV.

    Warning: strong language in link

    For "their" always works regardless of gender.

  • BakaGrappler

    Aaaaand my first internet in 10 days!  It's glorious to behold EA's rightful winning of a plushy!  I had a feeling her Albert would sweep the scores this month, even with the Russian judge.  Avariel's work deserves more recognition than my own SotE chapters give her.


    And yeah, I was referring to EA as a "he" for a while. My policy is to think that EVERYONE on the internet is a guy, until proven otherwise.  It's a policy that has worked to my benefit more than once.