LOLerfs 15: Revenge of the LOLerfs


Don't bother looking for the last 14, they all got bogged down in preproduction and haven't been released yet.




Artemis is quoting from Thomas Ligotti's "My Work Is Not Yet Done", for those of you interested in reading the whole thing.


  • balder

    10 Shmuckers to Noip. Let the shipping commence!

  • sdub

    Parson rolled over, still half asleep, and flopped his arm around the dormant form lying next to him.


    Parson woke up enough to realize that his arm was probably a bit too heavy for Artemis' comfort. He scooted closer and brought his arm forward so that its weight rested on his hand and not his subordinate's supple midsection.

    "Sorry" he whispered.

    Just as his eyes were starting to close again, Artemis shifted and rolled over. It took Parson a moment to realize that something was wrong, but when he did, he jumped up with a start.

    "DOWNER! What the hell!"

    "Sorry, Parson, but I was scared too."

  • No one in particular

    With a sigh, Parson crawled back into bed. "Alright, fine. But I'm big spoon, got it?"

    Downer just gave him a look.

    Artemis lifted her head and sleepily chuckled, "I don't see how you could be anything else, my Lord."

    "Yeah, well... don't anyone forget it," Parson grumbled as he pulled the blankets back over them all.

  • sdub

    Twist: Maggie has convinced Wanda to help her watch Parson through Downer's eyes.