The Imperfect Warlord (Chapter 5)

Part 5 of 11 in The Imperfect Warlord
Chapter 5 Bogroll&Sizemore, Isacc, Tisha&Pamelor, Stanley&Toma, Jack&Maggie, Misty&Jade, Pinky*Roger, StupidMealNoontime
Both Bogroll and the alarm decided simultaneously to wake me up at 3:30am. This, more then anything, made me decide that Erflings had some sort of internal clock.
"Morning Bogroll," I greeted, after he had awoken me. "Looking sharp in your Hamstard shirt!" Bogroll beamed at the praise.
Once I got out of bed, I was outfitted in silence as I considered the time I had left. Day 4 was rather peaceful in canon, all things considered. Escape from that insufferable tool (capital T, most definitely, left out of the word), and finally free for Parson to do his own thing for once. The invading army wouldn't be showing up until tomorrow. Much like him though, I couldn't afford to rest. Besides, I had a busy morning planned.
Bogroll and I headed out to make the preparations. I needed every caster we had in the portal room before turn start. I wondered where our meals would pop, with so many of us in the that room. Would the thinkamancers also pop their rations where they were or is there some sort of system where the stuff pops? Wanda was still out of it. I had considered telling Maggie to send the backlash to Jillian, rather then just mitigating it a bit for Wanda, but, at the moment, Jillian was extremely useful to me. Her time would come though.
I got Bogroll to handle carrying Wanda to the portal room while I gathered up the linked casters. We brought everyone to the the portal room and Sizemore met us there. Since there was time left, I asked him about rations. The solution was simple.
“Rations typically pop at the start of turn. However, if you are busy with something, you can just make a mental order for it to not appear. Then, when you are finished with your business, you can bring it forth at any time until dusk.”
“Ah," I replied to Sizemore. "I'll try that then.” Dusk. Another thing that wasn't mentioned in the comic was that every unit got two meals per day. One at the start of turn, which would anywhere from dawn to noon, and one at dusk, which was at the same time for everyone. For some reason, my supper meals didn't have anything informative or useful in them. In Erfworld, dusk came at 8pm. It was the automatic end of turn for all. You could officially end turn sooner but your meal comes at the same time every night. Unless you wanted to delay it. If you did, you could hold off popping it until dawn.
I had spent some more time fiddling with the veil ring and I felt that I had come up with reasonable stats to fool everyone. This would be the first time it mattered.
The stat board I created looked like this.
Level: 2
Move: 8
Hits: 6
Combat: 5
Defence: 6
Special: Warlord
The way I got those totals is as follows. Base move for warlords is seven, plus one from the level 2 bonus. Base hit points for light (large) class warlords is six. Base combat bonus for a non-noble warlord was three. Base defensive bonus was also three, plus one for wearing masterwork twoll armour. My level 2 leadership bonus was added to both stats, making them five and six respectively. My warlord status got put under the “special” heading, rather then in “class” like it was on my normal check.
Stanley had been a TERRIBLE person to use as the base of my warlord template, turned out that his base stats were abnormally high due to his attunement. Didn't seem to do anything for his intelligence though. Glad I had that corrected before I finished working on this.
It was, needless to say, much less detailed then what I was used to. That said, this was, to the best of my ability to uncover, what normal Erfworld units saw. They don't see names, or race. They can see certain classes but not all and they didn't get to see any special abilities, like the twolls fabrication, by sight. All those sorts of things needed to be learned and memorized, assuming they weren't popped with the information to begin with. They tended to know about all the units their side popped and popular ones that lived in the general vicinity.
Even the stats you could see was limited because you only saw the totals, and couldn't divide the numbers up to show off how many bonuses they got. An Erfling knows who the ruler is, who the warlord is, and who's the caster, but they don't show off more common units. If a bowman carried a pike, you could mistake him for a piker. You wouldn't know better.
The only two areas where both my vision and the normal version were exactly the same, was the level display and the friend/ foe indicator. Stat boards were colour coded so you knew units the from your kingdom (blue) from allied (green), from unaffiliated empire (yellow), from barbarian (white), from units from a kingdom you are officially at war with (red).
I knew all this because I'd managed to talk to casters a bit. Jack, although still linked had been alive for quite awhile, he knew a fair bit on units and that knowledge trickled through my discussion with them. I was told that light (large) class units, which I probably was, had an extra hit point over the light (medium) type. Messing up on a detail like that would have been troublesome.
I felt reasonably confident that this would deceive everyone into thinking I was an ordinary warlord. Although I couldn't keep this up forever. Eventually, I'd need to start trusting someone to help me. The problem is who to trust? Stanley was right out, and there was no way I'd ever rely on Wanda, given the stuff she pulled in canon. Sizemore was alright but I knew he would never be comfortable with me being his warlord in a few turns. In canon, I think he had come to hate Parson for the way he had ruined Sizemore's life.
“Dawn is not too far away,” I said. “Sizemore, could you please go check to see if our guests have arrived?”
“Of course, Lord Toma,” he replied as he walked through the gate. Moments later he returned, “they are here and coming in, Lord.”
First came in Isaac, then Tisha, who was a parody of the Addams Family wife, and Pamelor, a Baywatch beauty. She even wore the lifeguard bathing suit...
That just wasn't right for a thinkamancer. I'll NEVER accept it.
“Greetings Headmaster Isaac, and thinkamancers Tisha and Pamelor. Thank you for your timely arrival,” I did a slight bow as I greeted them. I had really, REALLY, wanted another shot at having the link make me something but I was facing a time crunch, Isaac has informed me that, while the procedure was normally fairly quick, it could take much longer, depending on circumstances. In this case, the link had been going on for too long to be easily dismantled. It could take up to an hour and this needed to be fixed, first thing.
“Hello Chief Tattel. I see you are well informed about our members.”
I would have smiled if I'd been around anyone other then a thinkamancer, “Information is power, Headmaster, and I do try to gather as much of it as I can.” No reason to mention that I could simply see what their names were. Really useful feature it was. I was terrible with names.
He turned to the linked casters, “I see these are the ones we will be unlinking.”
“They are,” I confirmed. “ Would this room be adequate or would you prefer some other quarters? I apologize but I am not familiar with the requirements for this procedure.”
“Here will be fine,” Isaac said. “You said you had some questions about thinkamancy?”
“Ah yes,” bah. I said that mainly so I could have a chance to talk to him alone. “Sizemore has been teaching me the basics of magic since I have arrived. It's a most fascinating world you popped in. I am quite impressed by the fact that another thinkamancy link was created that managed to summon me from an entirely different dimension. Have you made contact with other worlds before?”
“Not to my knowledge,” he replied. “While we were able to create a spell to summon from anywhere, going to a different world, or communicating with it, is an entirely different matter.”
“I see,” I said. “Well, as I told you, I do have questions on thinkamancy but perhaps you could take a look at Wanda before dawn starts?
“No need for extraordinary efforts,” I continued. “If she could recover by next turn, that would be well enough.” He moved over to her and began to scan. He did so for several minutes, long enough for dawn to have started. The meal trick Sizemore had told me about ended up working. Which I was grateful for. When he finished, he tapped her on the head and she fell asleep.
“By the time she wakes up, she should be somewhat manageable. By next turn, I believe she will be mostly healed. The damage was not as severe as it could have been,” he said.
“I suspected that the spell would be broken, slightly before it was, so she was being monitored by the link at the time. I told them to do the minimum needed to mitigate the damage before focusing back on the battle,” I explained.
“That may have saved her from permanent incapacitation.” I nodded at his statement.
“I believe so as well. I wonder if she'll be grateful for that. Bogroll, carry Wanda back to her quarters.”
“Yes Lord,” Bogroll replied while moving to my command.
Thank you for checking her over.” I said, as Bogroll picked her up and carried her away. “It seems dawn has begun during the scan. Dwagon Lord Stanley is not a patient man, so if you would please get started?”
“Of course,” Isaac replied. All three of them moved to stand behind my linked casters and each pinched the back of one of their necks. Acting as a conductor. When they began, they no longer seemed aware of the world.
“Alright, I'm heading out to talk to the Tool but I'll be back,” I said. “Sizemore, are you going to stay?”
“I'd prefer to keep an eye on it, Lord.”
“Alright, you can book me when they are finished if I'm not back in time,” I walked out. I needed to talk to Stanley. I opened up the eyebook and he was still in the situation room, eating, which was good, as in canon he was gone almost as soon as dawn began. Okay, one more time, I had to talk to him. I moved quickly until I came to the doorway that led to the man. At which point I slowed down, bowed my head, and entered.
“Hamster,” Stanley greeted in a sour tone.
“My Tool, the unlinking is currently progressing and will be done within the hour,” I hope. Time to hit him with some good news. “I managed to acquire the service for free.”
“For free?” Stanley, asked, somewhat shocked. “How the heck did ya manage that?”
I'm... not quite sure, my Tool,” I assumed to know the reason but they hadn't said it. “They seem to hold me in high esteem, however. Perhaps because they arranged the spell that summoned me?”
“Huh, well, that spell hasn't done me much good so far,” I cringed at that.
“I restate that I am determined to prove my usefulness to your holy cause and will destroy the coalition in three more turns or croak trying.”
He was silent for a moment as he considered me saying this again. “I suppose I can respect your determination,” he said. “Do you have another plan then?” He sounded less hostile then yesterday when he'd asked. So, I straightened myself up and started to talk about it.
“I think I can croak their air force without the dwagons, my Tool. These magical glasses I have can see through foolamancy. If the tower caster wears them, she will be able to hit Jaclyn...” I caused my voice to darken when I said the name of the one that had caused all those dwagon deaths to begin with, “and the other archons, first thing. Then we can hit the other fliers. Wanda should be healed by next turn, at latest. She can uncroak the fliers and use them to fight against what remains of the coalition's forces.”
Stanley hummed at that. “Ya still got the problem of all those ground forces though,” he pointed out.
“They'll have no siege at first though,” I pointed back, warming up to the discussion. “I'm planning on goading them so they get impatient and attack through the tunnels. They don't know we have Sizemore the dirtamancer.” I always made sure to say both Sizemore's name and casting type around Stanley. One of the down things about me changing history is Stan might not start getting into the habit of learning the names of people he should. If fell on me to remind him. Even a small thing like that could be helpful.
“I've been having him spend his juice on trapping the underground the last few turns. When they come in, we will crush them.”
“Huh? The turd guy can actually fight?"
"Of course he can, my Tool. Just you wait. He'll have leveled at least twice by the time he's done."
"Heh. Wait, I thought going in the tunnels was just supposed to be a diversion.”
“Originally, yes. However, Ansom now knows that WE know his original plans. Plus, I'm going to make him think that I don't care about guarding the tunnels. If he goes, he'll walk right into my trap. I'll destroy anyone that comes inside and then uncroak them all.”
”With an uncroaked army for a few turns suddenly showing up on the walls,” I continued. “This will cause enormous problems with the leadership. Since Ansom is the sort of person that wishes to protect his men. This will lead him to charge the walls himself to kill the uncroaked guards and let his siege work. At which point. I'll attack him with our uncroaked fliers, capture him and take the Arkenpliers!” I finished with a fist-pump of victory.
Stanley was still skeptical though, “and if that plan fails? What then?”
“Ah,” I acted a bit down, “if that plan fails and if the coalition ends up overpowering your city, then I'll unleash my final plan. This plan isn't just any plan though. It's a surefire plan that will allow victory for you.”
“A surefire plan you say? You had one all this time?”
“Yes, Tool.”
“Well, why the blazes didn't you mention that earlier?”
“Because it...” I looked behind me and turned to the Tool. “May I have the room closed for privacy Tool?”
“Yea. Sure, sure.” His hostility was gone. I think I was in the clear with him. The guards left and the door closed.
I swore him to secrecy and then told him the plan.
He was actually really impressed with it and by my apparent willingness to sacrifice myself to achieve victory. Didn't like that it would destroy a lot of the city though. I told him that I had an idea that might fix it next turn though, and would pass instructions in how to do so to a caster before the end came, which mollified him a bit. He seemed more confident in my planning again. Like I had a shot. He even agreed to spare a red dwagon. I said it was to make sure there would be at least one GK unit in the hex, since I didn't feel that anyone that wasn't immune to heat would survive. He made me swear not to risk it though and that this was a test. To see if i could handle keeping one dwagon alive.
I agreed to do so while wondering just how many tests I needed to pass. I fully intended to keep it alive anyway, I hadn't lied about wanting to have a red to spare when the volcano exploded, although it was for a slightly different reason then I stated. While we chatted, the dwagons came back with the archers. We left the room and headed down. I checked on the casters but the link wasn't broken yet. We decided to pick out three higher level gobwins to accompany him. Stanley let me keep the chief. We promoted them all to rider, so that they could ride with him without being a hindrance. He was telling me that he would prefer to wait to pick out which knights would accompany him after the foolamancer was better. Next up, we went to the dwagons. He was just picking out a red for me when I heard a noise.
I checked my eye book. Sure enough.
ImInUrDirtz: The unlinking is finished, Warlord.
I opened up my book and had it show an image, and sure enough, all three casters were moving around.
“It's done Tool. I'll go fetch Jack the foolamancer,” I said. Sizemore wasn't the only person Stanley forgot the name of.
“About time. I'll get the knights lined up and get this show on the road.”
I turned to go when his voice called out, “oh, and Hamster?”
“Yes Tool?”
“Try and stay alive okay. I paid a lot for you, ya know.”
“Understood, Tool,” I replied. “If that is your wish, then I'll make sure I survive, even if the city explodes around me,” and with that I rushed back to the portal room.
“*Puff* *Puff* Sorry *gasp * about the wait. *puff* Was still talking with the Tool,” deep breaths. Did Erfworld units get this exhausted? I suspected not. Time was a factor though, so I risked it, instead of resting before I got back.
“You okay there, Chief?” Isaac asked.
“Will be,” I replied as I turned to the casters. “Jack. Glad to finally able to call you by name.” I was still breathing hard but could talk normally now.
“Indeed my good Warlord,” the foolamancer replied. “I also find it enjoyable to finally hear it again.”
“Stanley is leaving,” I said. “Go. Meet him at the court yard. He'll be in your care for the next three turns. Longer, if things don't go well. Keep the area under veil.”
“Not to worry. No one shall discover him while I am around,” he replied, exiting.
I turned to the lookamancer, “Misty, I'm so glad you managed to make it intact.” I really was. I think I could count this as my first real victory since arrival. She looked the worst of the three. Possibly because she was the lowest level. “If you feel up to it, can you head down to the situation room and start looking to see the enemy's position.”
“I can do that, Warlord,” she replied.
“Great,” I said. “Sizemore, why don't you help her get there? I'll meet up with you as soon as I can and we can begin reviewing the tunnel defences.” I gave it the force of an order. He got the message and left with her.
I turned to Bogroll, who had came back and was also watching over the unlinking. “Guard the entrance, keep everyone away,” I simply stated with the force of another order behind it.
Now there were only thinkamancers and myself in the room. I had rested well enough that I could go back to being expressionless.
“Maggie, glad to see you are recovered,” I said to the thinkamancer. “Stand beside me,” I ordered. She did so. Finally, I turned my attention to the thinkamancers.
“Thanks to all three of you, once again, for helping my casters escape their bind,” I said. “It relieves me to know that they are free of that link, which was slowly destroying them. I'll not keep any more of your time, Casters Tisha and Pamelor. If it's not any trouble though, Headmaster, there were a few things I wanted to know before you head off. If you have the time. I know I have asked much of you for the past day but I would greatly appreciate it.”
He turned to the others, they were probably doing a mental communication before he replied. “That's no problem at all Chief. I'd be happy to stay for a bit.” I nodded in acknowledgement. The other two then left.
“My first question,” I began after everyone had gone except me, Isaac, and Maggie, “is would you be willing to do a pinky swear to not reveal what we talked about to anyone outside of this room? Not to anyone, including the other members of the Minds that Think Alike.”
I...” he hesitated. “You know about pinky swears?”
“I know a great deal of things,” I replied as I dropped my stiff approach. “Including the reason I was summoned here.”
“And what reason would that be,” he probed.
“I need you to do a pinky swear first,” I rebuffed.
“... Very well,” he held his pinky out. I reached out my own and we interlocked. I didn't really feel anything. When we disengaged I checked with Maggie. The question apparent.
“The spell was cast, Warlord,” she confirmed.
“Finally!” I exclaimed. “Okay Isaac. I got things to say but only a short amount of time to say them, and I'm not sure when I'll be getting another chance. I need you to listen to me and to not dismiss what I tell you. Regardless of whether or not the things I say are correct, know that I firmly believe them and will be acting as if they were true.”
“Alright, Chief. What do you want to say?”
“First off, as I said, I know why I was summoned. That is to croak Charlie.”
He nodded, I knew he would have to be surprised by this, but I couldn't tell through his body language. “That simplifies things,” he said.
“Some things it does. However, for now, it's imperative that he not know I am after him. Coming out the the Great Minds would give me aid but he can end me at any time, if he simply sends a group of archons to do so. My plan is this...” I paused to take a breath.
“First off, I need the arkenpliers. They will give me the power I need to match and exceed Charlie. If my visions are correct, they allow one to bring back the croaked to a life without the need for upkeep.”
“Second, I intend to conquer the lands of Unaroyal and HobbitTM and spin a new side out of Jetstone. Doing this will turn Gobwin Knob into a large kingdom, protected from all directions through natural defences and colonies. With them out of the way, I will consolidate for a few hundred turns. With the ability to re-pop croaked units, I will amass an army the likes of which Erf has never seen. I also need to capture more casters and experiment with various magics. I will be asking for more help on that score.”
“Third, when all is in readiness. I will move in and completely annihilate Charlie. This is my plan. It may take upwards of a thousand turns but the build up should make victory almost certain. Are you willing to go along with me on this?”
“I would prefer things happening sooner,” Isaac said.
I shrugged, “perhaps things will. I'm simply giving you the broad outline so that you understand that, even if it doesn't look like the goal is being accomplished, I am working towards it. Also, I'll be using Maggie as a go between for us, since I am already aware that Charlie can listen in on thinkagrams.”
“You know about that too?”
“Yes. I know many things, as I said. Now's not the time to tell you how though.”
“I see. Why me in particular?”
“I have to trust someone. I chose you. The reason I don't trust more is because I believe there is a traitor that may emerge among your ranks or perhaps is already working working against you.”
“Impossible,” he blurted out.Ah. There was the reaction. Interesting that this is what finally caused one.
“The other Headmaster, the judge, Maggie, his name?”
“Roger Victor Clarence.”
“Right, thank you. I want you to watch him.”
“The Judge is the oldest of us all. Even though he is against the plan, I can't believe he would betray our cause.”
“He might, if he felt that Stanley's actions were creating a bigger threat then Charlie. We also can't forget that the arkendish could attune to someone else in my Side. Perhaps myself, even. Giving Gobwin Knob access to THREE arkentools. To be honest, those worries might be right. Charlie... is dangerous but he's made sure to not cross various lines. Stanley and Wanda don't care about that sort of thing at all. Regardless, it's not about what you believe. It's about what *I* think is true.”
“Ah, of course,” he said. Absorbing what I had told him. I knew that the judge had argued in council before, saying the same things I had just mentioned. I'm sure he was rethinking things now.
“Even if I am incorrect, will you still put him under investigation?”
“If you have made up your mind on this, then yes. While an unthinkable thing, if it was true, it would completely ruin our plans.”
“Good, make up some things to tell the others about what we have talked about. It may have him write notes and hand them to another caster, likely a carny, who would be a messenger for Charlie, if he is already a traitor.”
“That's... extremely specific.
“I hope for find a time to explain why that is.”
I see. Very well.”
“One more thing, within three turns, I may be coming through this portal.”
“Impossible,” he said for the second time, although it was said in a conversational tone. “No warlord can do such a thing.”
“I can because,” I took off the veil ring. “I have no stats.”
"Your stats were foolamancy? Remarkable. I couldn't tell.”
“As was intended when the link created my disguise. I can also change the information on it to anything I want. When entering, I'll be pretending to be a mathamancer. Make sure that I, and the casters, are not disturbed. I'm sure you can understand the chaos that would happen should it be found out that a warlord can survive going through the portal.”
“I can. I'll make sure you will be protected for your stay.”
“Also, I need to acquire a scroll that allows me to not be killed from heat. Specifically lava.”
“Hmm,” he pondered the request for a moment. “That'd be a carnymancer spell.”
“That was my initial thought as well. I'll be needing a scroll that can do that by the end of next turn. I'll be sending a caster to buy it. If you could make it a bit easier for him to locate a discrete carny, it would help things.”
“Alright, that is all for now. There is much more I need to say but I'm in a horrible time crunch. If you wish to talk more, you will need to come up with some reasons that doesn't attract Charlie's attention. By the next time we meet, I should have inflicted my first major blow against him as well.”
“Until then, Chief. It's been enlightening,” he walked out through the portal.
“Maggie, you are ordered not to talk to anyone about what we have said except myself and Isaac. I have not been able to take much of your measure but, as I told the Headmaster, I need to be trusting someone, and you are in the best position.”
“Understood, Lord.”
“Alright, lets get back to Stanley,” I marched out with Maggie and Bogroll right behind only to catch the tail end of Stanley's speech.
“So. That's the way it is. Good-bye and good luck,” he said to his assembled knights, just before flying off with the dwagons.
“Alright, there he goes,” I said while checking the dwagons. “Looks like he remembered to take the three gobwins. He also took his three strongest knights.” Sadly that included the hobgobwin chief. “Maggie, can you tell when he leaves the surrounding hexes?”
“Yes Lord.”
“Good, in the meantime. Summon the level 5 archers and all keshiks,” I said before sitting down to wait.
“He left, Lord,” Maggie said. Stanley already was two hexes away? That was fast. More of those time warping shenanigans, I guess.
The archery units arrived. I had them line up and gave a little speech about being proud of the work they did in killing so many Jetstone units. The main reason though, was because I was sick of not knowing anything about combat. I couldn't ask Stanley about it and casters were simply not qualified to tell me what I needed to know about being a warlord. This was unacceptable. So, I was going to promote one of the level 5s and make them the commander of the keshiks. I looked over the three of them. My eyes, however. Flickered back to Jade. Her hair was no longer hanging loose but was in a french braid. Odd. It didn't have any particular flourishes when she headed out. Was it longer then before?
I looked at the other three. Then back at her. Eh... why not?
I turned to Keven, promoted him to Keshik (I preferred keeping the group as a 9-stack), and then to Jade to make her into a warlord. It was needlessly expansive do do this but my gut said to do it.
Jade (Plaid tribe)
Race: Man
Class: Warlord; light (medium)
Level: 6
Move: 8+2=10
Hits: 5+1=6
Combat: 5+2+1=8
Defence: 1+2+1=4
Special: None
Stats dropped off from before. As I had thought, not an ideal way to go, as you are taking some hits to various abilities by going this way.
“Jade, you are now in charge of this stack. You are my elite strikers. Here, take this book,” I pulled out another eyebook that I had taken earlier. We had nine of them, in total. Only four currently in use, going to Wanda, Sizemore, Stanley, and myself. Misty would get one too, and I would decide the other three later, I supposed.
“We'll be talking strategy later today. I'll be counting on you. Dismissed,” I turned to Bogroll, who had rejoined me after I had left the portal room. The guy was like a shadow. Sometimes I forgot he was there. “New task. Make the new warlord some armour. Make it look like this," I said as I called up an image from the eyebook. It was a replica of Scarlet's armour outfit, recolored to green. Which was honestly pretty awesome.
“Yes, Lord,” Bogroll said as he scurried off to do more fabrication work.
Next up was the situation room, after a brief stop to grab another eyebook.
“Sizemore, glad you are still here. “ I said. “Now that Misty is on her own again, I want you and her to work together a bit, so that we'll be able to find and break the leadership of whatever army Ansom sends into the tunnels.”
“I've actually been meaning to show off some of the things I created, Warlord,” he said.
“Sounds good. We can spend the rest of the morning on that. Enemy scouts will start coming in on the coalition's turn so this is our last chance to be down there with no risk.” I thought about eating right away but thought that I'd rather do the tunnel rounds first. I went to Misty.
“Misty, here, take this eyebook. I'm sure you know how it works,” I smiled.
“Yes warlord,” she replied.
“Okay Sizemore, lets go,” I said and together we traveled to the tunnels.
Although, first, we needed a quick detour. True to his word, Stanley had left a single, low-level, red behind. I had Sizemore create a space for it to hide in the garrison, so no one would know we still had one. With that out of the way, we got to business.
I wasn't interested in walking. I had some spidew mounts waiting for us at the bottom of the tower. We spent the rest of the morning discussing the situation as he used his juice for new defences. I told him I was planning on popping more gobwins to help out and that I had promoted a second warlord that would be helping in the tunnels as well, when the invasion happened.
We talked about various things. Such as making secret passages, so our forces could sneak up. Bottle necks where traps could be laid. I told him that the preparations needed to be finished by the end of our next turn, because that is when the enemy would be would be arriving in force, hopefully.
I had wanted to just use some 'scry and die' tactics on the leadership. Have Misty see the warlords and Sizemore to collapse the tunnels but he needed to be within a certain distance of the enemy units, so it wasn't that simple to pull off. Although secret passages might help. Depending on how aggressively the enemy digs around.
I came up with a variation on the idea by having a gobwin put in a small room, packed with explosives, behind a wall. With Misty and Maggie around, we could order them to set off the bomb right when important units were going by. It would kill the gobwin, but if he could take out some tougher unit, it'd be worth it. Sizemore didn't like the plan but I ordered that it be done in a few strategic locations.
On all we spent several hours going over things. I felt we had made good progress and I became confident that having more gobwins popped would be an excellent use of funds to help out. With the spidew, and my eyebook pointing out the fastest way to the top, I got to the surface in excellent time.
I then realized another 'special' that I had seen but hadn't really thought about. Of course, spidews can climb walls. Wouldn't it be much faster to get to the top of the tower by having him do just that?
I couldn't bring myself to do it, so I walked up, again. How many times have I needed to climb up the tower today? Need to invent elevators. Twolls can do that right? Just some simple pulley system. Anyway, I reached the top and managed to sit down and, with an act of will, I made my Stupid Meal pop.
It officially become noon as I did so. Amazing timing.
Mechanics Corner:
  • Meals: I don't see any reason why your meal can't be delayed with a mental order if you really don't want it to appear right away. Perhaps because you want to try hunting first to see if you really needed to pop it, for instance. Also, while there is a lot of talk about breakfast. There is little talk about any other meals. Since we've seen units eat at night. I'm guessing there are two official meals per day.
  • Dusk: No one ever says dusk but I'd imagine that this is also an interchangeable term, such as dawn can be for turn start.
  • Sleeping: I'm making a guess that 7 hours or less of sleep is more then enough for various units and that the end of turn portion of the day takes up 8 hours total. If I include eating time and that units tend to get up a bit before dawn. I'd think that 7 hours of darkness works well enough.
  • Coloured stat boards: Units are instantly able to tell allied units from enemies and so forth. I'd imagine that they get a feeling, however, for commanders, I'd imagine they'd need a more creative system. So I thought colour coding the main groups would be a good way of instantly dividing things up.
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    "I turned to Keven, promoted him to Keshik (I preferred keeping the group as a 9-stack), and then to Jade to make her into a warlord. It was needlessly expansive do do this but my gut said to do it."


    Should be: needlessly expensive to do this


    Wouldn't show up on spell check, as they are all correctly spelled words :-)