Gencon fan art by Nate_the_Robot

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One nice treat from GenCon was seeing Jim Haas of the webcomic Nate the Robot again. You might remember that he did a great post after last year's Gencon about meeting me and giving me fan art.


Well, this year he brought me a Jillian and I wanted to share it with everyone, even (or maybe especially) the Jillian haters. :) Here is his awesome art, and I hereby award Nate_the_Robot 75 Shmuckers for it!


The last thing that pedobear ever saw


  • Nate_the_Robot

    Thanks for posting this Rob, and thanks again for the kind words. This year's GenCon was a crazy mess for me (although thankfully I didn't catch the flu!).  It was so crazy that I didn't get a chance to draw this until Saturday night, and then I forgot to even take a picture of it so I could author this post.

    It was a struggle to figure out which character to draw, but since I'm an old time reader (from the very beginning) I settled on Jillian.  I always love drawing fan art, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.  I never do it with the intention of receiving anything, you are just crazy awesome for rewarding me for my mediocre art =).

    Thanks again!


  • BakaGrappler

    I would say that I am less of a "Jillian Hater" than I am a "Jillian Facepalmer."  Jillian is a very well put together character, with very believable and self interested motives.  As a character, she was created and developed masterfully and is someone that nearly no one who is a reader has mere ambivalence towards.  As a "person" though, I find her to be the equivalent of Star Scream, savage, always shooting herself in the foot, and never ever learning from her mistakes.  Which, even though it totally believable as a person, makes me keep saying "Damnnit, Jillian!" in personal disappointment towards her.


    A good character is one that people have strong feelings towards.  Love or hate, if they feel it towards the character themselves, they are well made.  Jillian is... based on my feelings, VERY well made. And I hope Rob takes that as the compliment it is meant to be.


    And this bit of art, I really like it as well. It is like a somewhat elegant berserker, and looking at it brings the Damage Dwagon Hex fight vividly to mind.  Feels like she's about to one shot Leroy.  Kudos!

  • Nate_the_Robot

    Thanks for the kind words!  I'm constantly trying to improve, glad you enjoyed it.