Who watches the watchers?

It can't be a peep show, as there is no Gwiffons.

watchers of Erf


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  • No one in particular

    Ha! *waves back to the dwagon*

  • Shadyjames

    *looks behind him nervously*

  • Shadyjames

    jesus christ there is this terrifying plush toy staring back at me

  • BakaGrappler

    My parson Figurine is what's staring at my back.

    The comic has now become a Mobius Strip. (Ba-dum-psssh!)

  • Jatopian

    You think this might go somewhere deep. But nope, dwagon.

  • Knott

    Spruce is finally back!

    I can only offer you some schmuckers to encourage you to stick around longer this time and stay productive.

  • youngstormlord

    Nice. Just tipped you some 57 schmuckers (so I now have 400). Stay sharp :D

  • The Jeff

    Uatu, the watcher, of course.  ...we now return you to the feature movie, the Jackson Five Story, staring, the Osmond Brothers,  ...but first a message from our sponsor:

  • Thecommander236

    I'm watching him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch her watch her watch him watch her watching a light.


    Who's watching me?

  • Spruce

    Thank you, everybody.

    Pet owners often start to get paranoid only when nobody is watching them. :)

  • Rourke

    Haha, this is brilliant.  

  • Thecommander236

    I swear when I babysit my brother's cats, I get paranoid if I haven't seen them in an hour. One of them hides and I only stay in my bro's room in the attic with the door shut. I mean he hides in the same spot for hours when I'm there and I can't always see him from where I'm sitting. I know Linus, the other one, has somehow managed to fall out of the window before...

  • Tarvok

    I'd like to see someone add in a few more panels with someone looking at their computer, some member of their family watching them, and then an angel watching from above with the thought bubble "this is so meta."

  • Tssha

    *checks over shoulder*


    *sees no one*


    ... *checks again*