"Goodnight" by Lauri Ahonen

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As we put together the new art team to take over Book 3, we're lucky enough to count an Eisner-nominated Erfworld fan among our candidates.


Lauri Ahonen is a Finnish illustrator whose graphic novel Jaybird was nominated in two categories for the prestigious 2015 Eisner awards. Jaybird is a stunningly beautiful and haunting story. You can read the first 60 pages here. 


But Lauri is also a longtime reader of Erfworld, and he did this beautiful bit of fan art almost as a warm-up exercise. Check it out:



In lieu of Shmuckers, I am picking up a copy of Jaybird. And if you'd like to express your appreciation for Lauri's work, you can too:



  • Xarx


  • Kaed

    I thought we determined Parson wasn't in a coma!



  • Zernin

    Awesome fanart, but damn is it dark...

    The monitor is flatlined. Almost looks like the erflings are telling Parson to head into the light.

  • DunkelMentat

    So as part of an art team, you said. So the colorist or what? Her work is beautiful.

  • balder

    Lauri's a he. It would be with Xin as lead on pencils and touch-ups. We're lining up either one person to do inks and colors, or a separate inker & colorist.

  • Davre

    Absolutely love it!

  • Lipkin


  • BakaGrappler

    Just goes to show. Talented and awesome people appreciate Erfworld.

    This art is beautiful, meaningful, and brings about the contrast of Erfworld style and Stupidworld style.  One being fantastic with curves and bright colors everywhere while the other having so many straight lines and right angles, with Parson as the only organic and real part of that half of the picture.  It's art that is making me feel, thought that partially comes from the emotional investment I have in the characters depicted in and of themselves.  But, it's just good art.  Thank you for sharing ti with us.


    That said, Red, your anus is showing. Drop that tail a little.

  • The Jeff

    The White Death, was also Finnish... just sayin'.

  • Knott

    Awsome, also I found and picked up Jaybird at my local brick and mortar. (Though I'm pretty sure that building consists mainly of concrete)

  • Thecommander236

    Hmm, I wonder if Erfworld can Retconjuror Stupidworld to make it seem like he was in a coma for months...

  • Brony83

    balder: "Lauri's a he."

    And here I thought I'd never face that problem again after Jamie left. How come you keep attracting guys with girl's names? XD

    @topic: The art is great for a warm-up excercise. He's certainly a worthy candidate.

  • Thecommander236

    Huh, well I learned something today.

  • ShaneTheBrain

    We've never completely ruled out the "Saline IV" reference.
    And there IS an awful lot going on in Mindspace....

    Well whatever. Pretty much everything in life is all in our minds anyway. So either way, have a good one Parson.

  • The Jeff

    I would think, Parson in a coma, is a bit of a spoiler.  If it was true, and that was Rob's intent, for Parson to be in a coma, then he wouldn't have put the image up.  In a sense, the image could just as likely be to indicate that Parson was actually not in a coma, as you wouldn't put up an image like that if he was.  Unless that is what he wants us to think, that Parson is not in a coma, when in fact, he actually is.  Also, there is no reading on the EKG, which would indicate that Parson is dead, which would mean he is not actually in a coma... anymore.

  • Lauri

    Whoa now. This is just something I did for fun. I wanted to suggest he might be dead. Don't know anything about where the story is headed, mind.

    Also, Lauri is the finnish version of Lawrence or Larry. 

  • The Jeff

    Whoa now.  I was attempting a funny version of "Who's on First", and probably failing in that.  wink


    ...also, you have not denied any relations/connections to Simo Häyhä.  (sorry, it is the only thing about Finland that I know((j/k)) wink

  • Thecommander236

    Oh, no. I wasn't saying anything Lauri. I was just temporarily confused. I mistook you for Linda. Heh.

  • ShaneTheBrain

    We can't confirm or deny anything by this being posted. It's posted as a guest art one off. It's not promised to be canon- but it's not promised NOT to be either. Balder: "I'm just playing... or AM I??"