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New Art Team in place! Kickstarter launched!

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Art Team Finalized

What a weekend! Xin and I spent time on Friday night and Saturday going over our three candidates for inker/colorist, and we made our final decision. I can't say enough about how talented and professional all of our finalists were. Xin and I completely agreed that we would have been happy to work with any of them.

I would like to show off a little of their work, so you can see how tough a call it was for us. Keep in mind that these are inks and colors from the same artist, working from Xin's pencils.

First was Lillian "Honey Badger" Chen, from nearby Hampton Roads, Virginia. It would have been fantastic to have someone in this role that I could meet with in person from time to time. Lillian is a tattoo artist by trade, so if you're in Virginia and looking for an Erfworld tattoo, she'd be your best pick!


Next was John Nunnemacher of Johntoons.com, a talented comic artist from California who does the convention circuit nationwide. He's a true professional in the field, his work is outstanding, and he is available for commissions.


But Xin and I were in agreement that our first pick had to be Lauri Ahonen, who is from Finland. Lauri's biggest advantage over the others was that he's already been an Erfworld reader for years (he did some gorgeous fan art for us recently). His familiarity with the characters and settings and his eye for bringing them to life impressed us both a lot. Lauri was the most ready to take over the role and hit the ground running, and his watercolor style adds something really beautiful to our settings. We can't wait to get started on pages with him.


Kickstarter Launched

To help transition to our new team, we've launched a new project on Kickstarter. This was originally going to be a modest one of $6000, to fund the printing of a 2016 pin-up wall calendar and a Prince Albert's crest lapel pin.

But being that we funded that goal in about 90 minutes (after I messaged the backers of our prior project), and being that there's a budget deficit of about $28,000 for the art in Book 3, we've decided to say "everything above $6K goes to the artists." We're going to try and erase that deficit and then all money above $34,000 will go to raising the page rate for Xin and Lauri.

So now, at the time of our "official launch" for this project, we're well on our way to that lone stretch goal. Please take a look at the calendar (which is lovely) and pin (which is exclusive to this project and will never be sold) and consider pledging to welcome Lauri to the team, and to welcome back Xin.



  • Xarx

    Yes! Great work from all three, but you made the right choice. Welcome aboard, Lauri!

  • 0beron

    Fantastic! Welcome aboard Lauri, and to Lillian & John I hope we see more of you in the future with fanart!


    Rob, to echo what has been said in previous news post comments, please take a reasonable amount of time to get everyone on-track and build yourself a buffer!

  • Skystriker

    That art is amazing. So excited.

  • Noigel

    Wow, thanks for showcasing the coloring samples for us!  Been staring at them for 10 minutes finding the differences.  This really demonstrates how different coloring styles and each artist's "different take" affects the work.  All of them are awesome and unique.

  • Godsire

    Lauri seems like a perfect fit. Absolutely amazing style which fits erfworld perfectly imo. 

    The style of coloring and the more fluffiness of it leans more towards Jamie's style, which means we got the best of both worlds. This development has only been for the better. Keep up the good work, team Erfworld! 

  • MGII

    Both the awesomeness of book two drawing and the eerie-ish atmosphere of book one. I simply love that. I'm one of those who were never quite reconciliated with the drawing of book 3. This is amazing. The three were quite good, but Lauri really gets Erworld.

  • ysath

    The third artist has the best colors but at the same time, I'm not sure if watercolors are really fitting to erfworld. It does seems that the comic will be a bit darker than before though, hopefully it won't mean that there's less small details!

    Beside that, I'm really happy to see that the story will move on with only a minor bump in the road

  • catchTwentythree

    I gotta say, the deciding factor for my preference is in Lauri's lovely color blending, and especially the gorgeous rough brickwork of the road in the first panel.

  • spriteless

    Wow. So pretty. I am going to be staring at those two panels and trying to figure out the plot for next month now.

  • Godzfirefly

    Wow. You did have some great talent and a tough choice.  I'm not sure I'd have chosen the same way (Lillian's coloring is pretty amazing, and I love how her version of Wanda ended up.)  But, I also must admit that there were no wrong choices among those options.

    Also, I must say that Xin's work is really good.  Up to this point, I'd prefered David's work to Xin's previous work.  (Before David's work, I tended to prefer text-based updates to comic-based ones because I didn't feel the art was good enough to make up for the loss of story detail.)  But, if that art is the new standard, I am very much looking forward to the new comic art moving forward.

  • Corieu

    I liked the second and then the third more. But either three would be great addition to the comic.

    About the kickstarter, can you send the calendar and the pin oversea (to Brazil)?

  • falcore51

    I want more canonize rewards and also bring back Roll up a Character backing reward.

  • Surfal

    Rob, to be a good deal fairer to your community, you might consider emailing previous backers at least one day BEFORE the Kickstarter goes live so that everyone has more of a chance at the limited options; as it is, since I haven't yet checked email today, I went to the Kickstarter and immediately felt disappointed even though I'm not sure I would've committed to the options. That's not the response you're looking for, Obi-Rob XinLauri! :)

  • bhurin

    I feel that John nailed the "classic" Erfworld look, while Lauri brings something new and wonderful to the world. 

    As one of those readers obsessed with the Signamancy of things, and pondering what changes of appearance imply, I gotta say the 'beauty' of Lauri's work is the most intriguing. 

    Great work, everyone. Kickstart pledge in is, and I eagerly await your guys' glorious return.

    (Although if some original artwork or fancy prints from our new artists were to magically appear as a pledge option, I'm sure I could scrounge up some more Shmuckers kicking around... Just saying. ;)

  • DunkelMentat

    This is one of the most illuminating examples of how different parts of the art process for comics play out I have ever seen! Really excited for this art team! Even though it will mean borrowing money from a bank I'm going to have to kick this... I NEED that pin.

  • Knott

    One detail I find quite facinating is where each of the artists decided to place the sun in the "Marching to the Glade"-panel.

    Each of the unique flairs are awsome though!

  • Corieu

    Oh, btw, Jaybird is booping awesome.

  • DunkelMentat

    Hey Rob, I was wondering if the wiki updates from reaching tool support milestone 2 have begun. If so, do you think after you could post a weekly summary of the edits you make that week on the front page? I would love to keep up with the edits that are backed by Titanic Authority. I rely on the wiki a lot to decide what I think about developments in the comic.

  • Beeskee

    Looks good, I was asleep of course so every single limited reward was long gone, including the max level rewards.

    Congrats! :D

    I think Rob secretly has a warehouse full of those ultra limited decrypted dwagon plushes, but they make a nice bonus. :D 

  • Knott


    In any wiki I have the fortitude to participate in, the "Recent Changes"-Page is the page I obsessively check a couple of times each day. 'balder' is the username to look out for, obviously.

    It would also be possible to make a module-page that showed edits by user.

  • youngstormlord

    Yay, Xin is back! Just pledged 11$ for the kickstarter (don't have more at the moment). These are great news all around.

  • Glorendil

    These are excellent news! I'm glad the crisis was averted so quickly, and that Xin is back on board.

    Although I'm looking forward to continuing reading book 3, I think it would be best if you get yourselves a safe buffer of pages before you return to posting the pages. In the meantime, I think many people (myself included) will be happy to read more from book 0 or some more backer stories.

    And now I'll go and get my kickstarter pledge in place :-)

  • charles

    Bummer, missed all the run-out stuff. 21 days to go, I'd be surprised if it didn't break $35k

  • Waltz



    Edits by Rob are here, I think.

  • Talonos

    I love how the new artist can make Xin's fantastic line work stylized like Jamie Noguchi's art.

    I think this is the best art team yet. I was afraid of switching styles, but I think the style will actually get closer to what it used to be! Or perhaps the best of both worlds.

    And thank you, thank you, thank you for not making any more stretch goals! I don't want you to get in any more debt by underestimating costs.