Gib - Pop

First moments of life can be confusing, but at least nobody gets smacked on the buttocks.



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  • Venatio

    This is gold, pure erf-to-goodness gold. Just love it, keep up the fantastic work. Oh, and see if the art team for Erfworld is still accepting helpers (in my opinion). 

  • ArtyD

    Well, you don't really know much the second you pop...  It gets shoved into you quickly though.

    I'm more interested in how they suddenly became armed, the table, chairs, AND cards all vanished.  That's some straight superpower skill there all military would love to have.

  • Squall83

    I don't get Panel 10's lords sir lord sir.

    But great comic!

  • youngstormlord

    Squal said: I don't get Panel 10's lords sir lord sir.

    John1 said "Sirs don't say "sir", sir."

    John2 corrected John1 with "Lords, not sir.", so John1 should have said 'Lords don't say "sir", sir!'

    John1 tried to correct the above sentence without repeating it so he said: "Lords, sir lord, sir." Lords - as in correction, sir lord as the title and the last sir as addition to every sentence since the warlord popped.

  • Spruce


    The superpower is called laziness. :)

  • ShaneTheBrain

    Except the funding issue, I see no problem with hiring all three artists and just zerging the art front.
    That's a pretty big "except for" though.

  • Thecommander236

    Well, if I popped, my first word(s) would be "interesting", "ball", and "what the fuck".

  • Thecommander236


  • LTD

    Nice work.

    Very Erf-y.

  • LTD

    Except, are they stabbers if they have spears?

  • Spruce

    Stabbers had swords or short spears and pikers had long spears or polearms.

  • Thecommander236

    So does Gibbirt get gibbed? Gee, I hope not... 

  • Drest

    Funny cute and very erfworldy!

  • HeroOfLight



    I read it as John 2 correcting John 1 on "Sirs don't say 'sir'" in that warlords do say sir sometimes, but only when they're talking to their own overlord or superiors; so John 1 agrees and corrects himself "Lords, [you "sir"] lord, sir!" so that Gibbert doesn't get himself in trouble for failing to show proper respect to his superiors. I think your interpretation makes more sense, thinking on how warlords usually just call their overlord "lord" and the use of the singular "lord" at the end of that panel; but I think that first impression would also have made an entertaining direction to go in smile