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By balder Comments (35)

Hard to miss it, but I have added a new goal chart to track the creative team's progress toward relaunching the comic. Our ideal relaunch date is October 5, the final day of our Kickstarter project for the Pin-up Calendar & New Art Team.


Things are going well. The team is in constant communication, working out our production process. Artwise, Xin and Lauri are learning a lot from one another. Lauri is settling in and doing some beautiful ink and color work. With Xin, getting back to drawing the comic is like riding a bike, only she's somehow even better at riding the bike than she was before. We've changed our scripting process to a less regimented page layout, and she is doing some interesting things with panels that we haven't seen before. Great stuff.


Personally, I'm having a tougher time than I expected with scripting farther ahead into the story, but that's a hill I've got to climb to make the new process work. So I am stepping up to that challenge. If you haven't heard much from me in the last week, that's a big part of the reason why. There are a lot of important things to do for Erfworld, but nothing is more important than conquering the script.


So we're on track and working hard. I really appreciate the fantastic response to the Kickstarter, and I hope we'll climb into territory where we're boosting the page rate for Xin and Lauri. We'll relaunch Book 3 when we're comfortable with our buffer and our process. Whether or not we hit our target date, I know we're all looking forward to posting the new pages.


  • Valareos


    You are doing the right thing by getting the buffer back up

    And giving us a visual look at that progress means we can anticipate and cheer on your progress with you

    Keep up the good work, and that goes to the entire art team!

  • DunkelMentat

    Really love the progress graphic. It's great to just know where things stand.

  • DunkelMentat

    Also: do you plan on revealing what the group reward that will be unlocked at 34K is gonna be before we hit it?

  • Lheticus

    October 5?!  What a lovely birthday present, thank you so much! ^_^

  • Corrupt User

    The Stanley ButterBee.  Oh Titans, that's so cute it's horrifying.  Weaponized Signamancy.

  • Sir Dr D

    I like that chart.  It makes me want to cheer you guys on even more.

    It will be good to post that chart as a kickstarter update. It will help show to people that their donations will be well spent, and should help increase the donations.

  • crux

    Sounds good. Make sure you keep the buffer up afterwards though!

  • fannypiggs

    Hurray! Sooo happy there will be a buffer. Both for us and for you Rob!

  • Squall83

    "and I hope we'll climb into territory where we're boosting the page rate for Xin and Lauri."
    Literally everytime I read this for the first time in each new update there is about half a second where I think "wow, more than 2 pages per week?" and then" Oh, wait, no, it's the rate FOR the pages not the rate OF pages." :-)

    Also: I wanna wanna wanna see the new paaaage. T_T

  • ardee

    *whines* October 5th is so far away!

    Oh well, I'll survive :) 

  • Xarx

    Thank you for keeping us in the loop; it makes waiting so much more bearable!

  • Ronfar

    This update messed up the RSS feed somehow - it's not loading for me.

  • Beeskee

    I think the buffer will really help, I'm glad you all decided to go with it this time around.

    Rob I think you will see why your fans were suggesting this over and over, once you have a buffer built up you can do things like take a day off and not feel guilty. :)

  • Guynietoren

    Knowing there's a completed page ready for later just makes me giddy. Oh the secrets you guys hold! Anticipation is such a powerful tool and you use it masterfully.

  • tegid


    Pages penciled include pages inked and colored? I.e. Are there 2 pages that have been penciled by Xin of which 1 has been penciled, or are there 3?
    Just to be able to read the buffer better :P

  • wolfpax181

    Hey!  Quit getting the art team to spend time making snazzy graphics for you!  We all know what it'd look like if a writer did it.



    ...I kid!  I kid!

  • DunkelMentat

    Once we make our KS pledge how do we tell you our forum name to get out badge?

  • Linda Balder

    @DunkelMentat - After the project is over you'll receive a KS survey which will include that question (what is your forum name?) for you to answer. :-)

  • Nik

    Thanks for keeping us all in the loop; the graphic was a great idea!
    Way to make the best of unfortunate circumstances. It seems like there's a sense of growing excitement for the return, as it sounds like things are going to be better than ever. Visually, what we've seen of Xin and Lauri's collaboration so far has gone together like peanut butter and jelly... very excited to see more

  • wih

    Hey Rob, after the comic re-launches do you plan on keeping the buffer numbers public?

  • weezact7

    I definitely agree that building a buffer is the way to go. It sounds like getting scripts to the artists last-minute was a major issue (at least for Dave) so hopefully this process corrects that. Looking forward to the comic launching again! :)

  • Glorendil

    Excellent news! Glad to hear you'll relaunch when you're ready (buffer and all), and not because of a specific date.

  • DLcygnet

    More importantly: Are you planning on posting your first page before the Kickstarter ends to help those final numbers surge? Any sneak peeks available to existing backers? *bounces with excitement*