The "Rule 34 Unlock"

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By balder Comments (32)

We're at the halfway point in the Pin-up Calendar & New Art Team project, and just on the verge of hitting our only stretch goal, which is $34K to cover the art budget deficit in Book 3. That means it's time to announce:



As a thank you for erasing the art budget gap, if/when we exceed $34K, we will be sending extra rewards to all donors at physical reward tiers ($20 and up).


For no extra pledge money, you will now also receive a Prince Albert crest fridge magnet, matching the styles of our previous magnets.


Additionally, sometime in 2016 (we will not say exactly when), you will also get a special double-sized 24" x 12" poster drawn by Xin, called "Hippiemancer Jamboree." The printed version of this poster will be PG rated, but there will also be a NSFW version available for download to donors at all levels (including the $1+ level). This will be the first ever NSFW Erfworld art, which prompted one of our IRC channel regulars (isau) to call this the "Rule 34 Unlock." That's an Erf-quality pun, isau.


  • DLcygnet

    Don't forget to copy paste this into a Kickstarter Project Update. Not everybody is hitting refresh on the website as much as I am :)

  • Dark Exodus

    I love everything about this. I have the previous magnets and they are flippin' sweet (never really been a pin guy, but I like the Albert crest). And a bonus poster for my new bare-walled apartment? Yes please.

    Epic puns deserve epic funds. 5th Erfworld Kickstarter, consider yourself the 4th I've pledged.

  • DLcygnet

    Loving the graphics, btw. Don't blow the art budget on snazzy graphics though. innocenttongue-out

  • Sir Dr D

    You really do need to put this and the progress graph into a kickstarter update. These things are inspiring, but not everyone will see it on here. Post on kickstarter and you should get a surge of increased pledges.


  • Carl

    I guess this was kind of inevitable given the direct of some of xin's art bless her. That said hope the fanbase reaction isn't too harsh, i'll admit it even provoked mixed feelings in me. Mostly amusement, but a touch of concern i can't quite put my finger on...

  • The Jeff that is the key to kickstarter?  Rule 34?  wink

  • The Rats


    perhaps fear of denaturing our "soiling" the image you had of erfworld and it's residents.


    I will say they there are doing it already, and NSFW don't mean hardcore or anything, could always be just artful nakedness... like actual art and greek statues and stuff.

  • Bandaid

    Lets see, Erfworld is a very interesting comic, but Erfworld is also horrible: We have eternal war, almost no one has free will, you can either be killed(disbanded) by your ruler at will without a chance of fighting back or have a nice countdown to death in form of upkeep.  There is rape(implied), torture(shown) and constant violence and killing...

    What I am trying to say is: Everyone who complains about NSFW issues should get their priorities straight. Fast.

  • spartanMP

    And BAM! Over $34k now.

  • ArtyD

    Second NSFW.  Xin Accidentially an... oh wait... only Tools saw it.

  • Knott

    That "accident" will appear in the calendar though.

  • The Jeff

    All I'm saying:  I don't want my gratuitous violence, ruined by your toon porn.   wink

    DISCLAIMER:  The NSFW is download only, so just don't download it.

  • The Jeff

    For that matter, keep your romance out of my violence too...  wink

  • Tarvok

    Oh, sweet. Pretty much guarantees the comic keeps going at a good pace, and I do enjoy Xin's more risque stuff.

  • ShaneTheBrain

    The only thing I can imagine this being is beautiful.

    People who only like the PG version can look at the PG version only.

  • Carl

    @ The Rats

    Nah some of xins past work and the way the comic skirts around NSFW stuff has done that just fine. I think it's just the fact that it's irtually unheard of for anyone anywhere to do this sort of thing officially. It's always fan art normally.


    Still glad to see no ones getting their panties in a twist over this.

  • Dooma Homework

    This is awesome, and as such has prompted my first post ever... keep up the good work!

  • DLcygnet

    I stand corrected. I need you to blow the SFX budget on this progress graphic. Add another line for "Inked/Colored".
    I suddenly realized that once the pages are colored, they're not ACTUALLY done yet. Rob still has to add the words and SFX.
    Give Lauri some credit, man!

  • The Rats



    getting mad on the internet about porn would be the epitome of oxymoron. after all... The internet is for porn

  • Carl

    And when has that ever stopped anyone?

  • Istaro

    Haha, I like the inflection point (of which I was part :) ) that occurred in the Kickstarter graph when this announcement was made.

    Well done Rob/Xin/etc.

  • Slayorious

    I finally backed the kickstarter and look forward to getting my pin and magnet! I've also pledged and look forward to your continued work on this story. Rob, from the bottom of my heart as a longtime Erfworld fan (I've been reading since pretty early in book one) thank you so much for showing us your determination! I hope you leveled!

  • darcikon

    Having read the comic since its beginning I finally find myself in a position to contribute financially.


    Here's to many more years of Erfworld :D

  • Squall83

    Um, I can't help noticing that there is still only 1 finished page. Are you guys having trouble of some sort or is it merely a bumpy start getting used to the work environment?

  • DLcygnet

    I wonder if the time zone difference works to their advantage or disadvantage. Advantage: Lauri works while the others sleep. Disadvantage: Might not be available for teleconferences or rework right away.