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New Badges: Sharpest Tool in the Shed and Dwagon Master

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By balder Comments (13)

We're taking care of a bunch of site stuff in preparation for our return to updates, and one of those has been to add some new site badges you can earn. The first one is called "Dwagon Master," and it will be awarded to anyone who has won our monthly contest for the best submitted post.


more new badges rolling out soon


But it's not just posts that we appreciate. Sometimes someone's comment in the forums or streams catches our eye. In the past, we have sometimes sent an anonymous tip in Shmuckers for a really funny or insightful comment, but I'd like to recognize the best comment of the month with a badge, too. So we're rolling out the "Sharpest Tool in the Shed" badge, awarded to the commenter of the month.


more new badges rolling out soon


September's "Sharpest Tool" was BakaGrappler, for his funny/sweet comment on Lauri's fan art. We'll be keeping our eye out for great replies, topics and comments all the time, but you can also nominate one by bringing to our attention through the Contact Us form. Gratz, Baka! For a month, you are the only one on the site with this badge.


  • Dark Shadow

    Congratulations! And may this inspire people even further!

  • Infidel

    "Red your anus is showing."

    Thank you Baka for revealing details I would have never noticed otherwise...

  • AVVV

    So, I'm now officially not the sharpest tool in the shed? :P¨

  • Dark Shadow

    Well, being the sharpest tool isn't always a good thing. What if it's a sharp hammer? tongue-out

  • Red

    Pants are overrated, I say.

  • Knott

    On a hammer it really depends on where the sharp edge is located. If it's in the back, it can be unfortunate, but not entirely debilitating to the hammer's function. If however it is sharp in the front, where it's supposed to be flat, then you're not the sharpest fork in the drawer for calling your axe a hammer.

  • Dark Shadow

    What if the sharp end of the hammer is the handle? And that fork in the drawer could be a tuning fork!

    (Also, a sharp hammer does exist: Yes, it is a hammer. I checked. :D)

  • Carl

    I think we've just found another probable winner people :p.

  • Squall83

    Kinda ironic that someone with Baka in their name is now the sharpest of all of us. :-)

  • Says something about the rest of us...

  • Dark Shadow

    Soon you're going to be stating that the blind are seeing, the deaf hearing, the mute talking, and the legless walking.


    Oh, wait...they are.

  • The Jeff

    ...or how looking at dwagon butts, makes them sharper than the rest?  tongue-out


    DISCLAIMER:  But it was funny, huh?


  • BakaGrappler

    Thanks Rob for the award, it is an honor to have the distinction of being the first to receive it.  I have to say though, I never would have been able to be so insightful if not for my father, who is a Pleinair painter.


    His website is genecostanza.com


    For years he's asked my opinion about his art during the various stages of their manufacture, and in doing so he's taught me things about the layout, rendering, color pallets, line work, and etc. of art.  I'm at the point of being a minor critic so when I saw Lauri's work, that part of me came to the forefront.  I'm glad my observations about flying reptilian anuses has brought joy to others.  Now, if you'll excuse me...


    BakaGrappler walks over to a cooler of Gatoraid and proceeds to douse himself with it's contents before running outside for a victory lap shouting "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"  ...Then returns five minutes later shivering.


    Sh!^, it's cold out there!