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  • Last Day of Kickstarter, First Day of New Art Team!

Last Day of Kickstarter, First Day of New Art Team!

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By balder Comments (12)

First off, for those of you following the progress chart, the art team hit their goals and did fantastic. It should have looked like this, one second before posting page 096:



As you can tell, the writing team of Rob, Rob, Rob, and yeah pretty much just me, is struggling a bit. Writing ahead is still a challenge for me, but also doing anything while running a Kickstarter is pretty hard. Trying to solve ads and do other site things before relaunch, and (mainly) working with the art team to help them hit those goals and hammer out their new process was taking up most of my time this last week. So I haven't gotten nearly as far along as I wanted.


Still, I'm committed to that script buffer and I have a few days before the next page goes up The team has a page to work on, and I have time to catch up. It's the last full day of the Kickstarter, which means it's your last chance ever to grab a Prince Albert Crest pin and site badge.


More importantly, it's your last chance to show the art team what you think about their debut. All contributions to the Kickstarter above $34,000 go directly into a bonus pool for raising Xin and Lauri's page rate for the rest of Book 3. They've worked really hard to get up to speed in a short period of time, and I am incredibly happy with this page and the next 5 updates we have art for. If you're as excited as I am about their work, it might be worth throwing a few bucks at the project as it winds down. Thanks to all who have made the Pin-up Calendar & New Art Team project a success, and here's to a great new era of Erfworld!



  • maestoso

    The art for the new page look amazing! Kudos to the art team!

  • Boondoggle

    Between Xin leveling up, a new wonderful barbarian colorist, and Rob forming a link between the three of them, this page is simply the most amazing magical manifestation Erfworld has seen, yet. I can wait to see what else this team can create.

  • Dark Shadow

    We need to get Rob the ArkenScriptPencil...

  • Cozzer

    If the team manages to keep the pace, we might be entering the golden age of Erfworld. :P

    The writing is better than ever (Book 3 is much better than Book 2 at intertwining comic pages and written pages and that was pretty much Book 2's only shortcoming, in my opinion), Xin is as good as ever (can't really ask her to get better than that :P) and the new colorist is great.

  • smurfworld

    Wow, golden age of Erfworld indeed.  We've always known Xin to produce beautiful illustrations, but Lauri's coloring is definitely top-notch.

  • DLcygnet

    As long as there are at least 2 pages in the hopper, I suspect the artists will be fine. Don't forget to be up front with which days you're taking off over the holidays (if that's an option.) smile

    Xin might want to get started on that sunset picture.

  • Squall83

    Congratulations on making it!

  • Vorpal

    Not sure if this will be seen in time or if there is anything that the Erfworld team can actually do; but I didn't have the money to back until the very last day and it appears now that Kickstarter is having some issues on there end. I will keep trying until the very last minute to pledge but if there is another way I could reserve a Pin and Calendar that would be great.

  • ftl

    Also try emailing Linda , or gobwinknob@gmail.com , or use the contact form on the website. Those might get you a response quicker than leaving a comment on this page.

  • Red

    The Contact Us form is definitely the preferred method of communication.

  • Surfal

    I've said it before, but I think you need to condense the chart and make it a permanent feature for each of you to hold yourselves accountable to your job. I know that sucks, but it would bring a LOT of peace to the readerbase.

  • maestoso

    Can I just say that it brings me immense satisfaction to see exactly $1337 per on-time update at the moment? ;-) I almost don't want that total to change...