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  • September's Armored Decrypted Dwagon goes to...

September's Armored Decrypted Dwagon goes to...

Spruce! For his two great fan comics about a newly-popped warlord called Gib. And now there is a third in the series! (Sorry this news is posting late. It's been busy around here, and things are just now settling into the new normal.)


Remember that we award one never-ever-sold limited edition armored decrypted dwagon plushie every month to the best post submitted to our Gaming, Community, or Fiction streams (as well as a cool-lookin' site badge for winning). There's still lots of time in October to submit your fan art, stories, comics, and gaming articles.


  • Knott

    Spruce was the first person I thought of back when you first announced you were going to give out this monthly award for submissions.

    Its a much deserved win now that he is back in action. Congrats, Spruce!

  • sdub

    Congratulations, Spruce! I'm really enjoying the series.

  • Polvane the eraser

    Congratulations on settling into the new normal, Rob.

    May I ask if and when you are likely to send out the survey for the recent Kickstarter?   I don't think we've received one yet.

  • Spruce

    Yay! Thanks!

  • balder



    Kickstarter surveys will be sent in November when we have calendars and pins in hand. I realize this will delay the site badge a bit, but we do the surveys close to when we can send out physical rewards because it minimizes the problems caused when people change addresses.

  • Polvane the eraser


    Cool, that makes sense.   Thanks, Rob.

  • Toolbelt

    What about the surveys to those of us who aren't going to get any physical rewards but still pledged enough to earn the site badge? Unless Kickstarter demands that all surveys must be sent out at the same time, I don't see any reason to delay those.

  • Drest


  • Squall83

    You definitely deserve it! I only just today realized that erfworld eyes are suited perfectly for being afraid, because that dude with the umbrella looks like a lot of Anime characters do when they're terrified.