Caster Fanart (Update 10/28)

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So, as with anything Erfworld, there are similar parallels between people from there and from "our" world. King Dickie, Prince Haggar, and of course numerous casters and characters of all kinds have eerie resemblances to figures we all know. This, coupled with the fact that we just plain haven't seen certain types of casters, got me to thinking. "What would other Croakamancers look like? We've only ever seen Wanda." And that stretched to "How about Weirdomancers? Or Retconjurers? Heck, how about I just go ahead and draw some? And while I'm at it, I'll do all the others too." And so here we are. I plan on going through each caster type and whipping up a few new residents of Erfworld including, of course, the prime example character from each if they exist. So far I've completed:

  • Croakamancers
  • Dirtamancers
  • Foolamancers
  • Thinkamancers
  • Predictamancers

See if you can guess who is who. The answers will be poster in the accompanying forum thread.

Next up are the Dollamancers.


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  • FuzzyZergling

    I see Beetlejuice, Ra's Al Ghul, and someone WH40K-related as croakamancers. No idea who the guy on the far left is.


    As for dirtamancers, I spy Bob the Builder and Toph for The Last Airbender.

  • Lipkin

    That's not Baron Samedi. It's a gender flipped Doctor Facilier from the Princess and the Frog. Still don't recognize the Dirtamancer on the far right though.

  • cloudbreaker

    I always thought Kwami would make an excellent Dirtamancer reference.  And Ma-ti is practically the poster child for Date-a-mancy.  "What kind of power is heart anyway?"

  • conmor

    that's just a stereotypical voodoo woman. i don't think it is supposed to mention anyone in particular.

  • dkantz

    Could the Dirtamancer on the right be (oh this pun is just terribly) Dirty Harry?

  • ScottishMongol

    I think you're right, that looks like Dirty Harry.

  • Lipkin

    Stargazer confirmed it was gender-flipped Facilier.

  • Nightseraph

    Dirty Harry confirmed for best pun.

  • pangolin

    I'd like to see a "Hands of Blue" caster, definitely would have to be something scary though not sure what type of caster

  • Tarvok

    A really terrifying thinkamancer?

  • threezero98

    Aizen would be a Thinkamancer.

    Ichigo/Soifon/Yamamoto would be Shockamancers.

    Kyoraku/Shinji are Foolamancers.



  • Lady Aa

     I love these! Can't wait to see the next instalments. 

  • Squall83

    @Phoebette: Are you sure about Arthas? The good-guy Arthas had a Hammer. The bad guy one would have been a fine candidate for Croakamancy, but then the outfit should have been different. I know the good guy has revive-magic, but he doesn't create undead units. Also that guys facial expression doesn't match Arthas, because Arthas was hot-blooded. And since all other casters seem to have a very fitting expression on their faces I just can't match that armored guy with Arthas.

    Maybe it's someone with a punny name like the Dirtamancer on the far right, Dirty Harry?

    He kinda reminds me of Aragorn (, but that can't be right.

  • wih

    Pretty sure the Necromancer on the right is Arthas, similarities are too much to be unintentional. The colour scheme and positioning of his outfit are, for his paladin days, almost perfect (brooch, shoulder side for the cloak, belt buckle etc), even if he's weilding a sword. However he also has a smiley face on his shoulders to be reminiscent of the skulls; looks like he's a mash-up of pre-and-post paladin days so I wouldn't take the sword being a reason to not be Arthas.

  • Xarx

    Dirty Harry in a sweatervest?

  • Xarx

    Dirty Harry in a sweatervest?

  • J

    Were the foolamancers edited in after it was put up? I only recognize the Riddler and Aizen.

  • Stargazer

    Yeah, I'll just edit the post every week to add in the new casters.

  • Phoebette

    I believe that's Penn and Teller flanking Jack Snipe. A pair of stage magicians.

  • tunasammich

    Good thing I've just been periodically enjoying these pictures or I wouldn't have noticed the Foolamancers being edited in! This is some great fan art.

  • Storel

    What, no Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) among the Dirtamancers?! Tch tch tch.

    Otherwise, great job!

  • Lheticus

    Oh, I'm guessing all the alternate appearance casters AREN'T meant to be casters that have appeared in fan fiction?  Because at the top next to Wanda is definitely Gomez from the Addams Family, and the Addams family was basically present as the main characters in the fic The Siege of Palingrad.  I guess what I'm trying to say is, that is exactly what the Gomez in that fic looks like in my headcanon now.

  • OvaltinePatrol

    I believe that's Vincent van Ghoul from The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, not Batman's Ra's Al Ghul.

  • Lheticus

    @OvaltinePatrol That was my second guess for the guy from the Addams Family but thought that was so much more obscure than my first guess...