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  • New archives: it's a good time to reread Book 1

New archives: it's a good time to reread Book 1

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By balder Comments (9)

Now that the Toolshed and many other core functions of this website are built and working, we're getting around to a whole huge laundry list of nice features that we've wanted to add.


One of these is to put up better versions of the pages in Book 1. Those of you who have been reading Erfworld since we were updating at Giant in the Playground might remember how much strain the server there used to be under. It was almost nine years ago, before cheaper cloud-based hosting came along, and even a top-of-the-line dedicated server like Rich had was not enough to handle the crush of traffic from his enormous fanbase.


So we had wanted to be posting images at 900 pixels wide, like we do for Book 2 and 3, but we had to shrink and compress them to get the file size down. If you visit the old Erfworld archives there, you can see that they were all 707 pixels wide with a heavier jpg compression that did lead to some artifacting if you look for it. Up until last week, our Book 1 archives here were the same as those.

Now we've got full 900 px jpgs up for all readers, and Tools see the really big 1200px png files with lossless compression. So if you're in the mood for an archive dive, now's the best time in a while to run through Book 1 again.

Here's a comparison of the sizes, but this is shrunk for the news post. You'll have to right-click and view image or click here to see the full effect.



  • sdub

    I thought the Toolshed high-res archive was nice before, but this blows the old images out of the water. Not just size-wise, but clarity. I feel like I just got new glasses.

  • shneekeythelost

    Maybe I got issued low-res eyeballs, but I can't really see the artifacting involved. I'm sure it is there, and I'm sure the more artistically inclined will be able to point it out in excruciating detail, but... I just don't see it.


    Looks like when I popped, I did not get a Scout special.

  • sdub

    The artifacts are veiled. Maybe croak a few of your friends/relatives so you can level?

  • ArtyD

    You could always just hire Charlie to produce a detailed report.  I'll just say watch the fingers from the snapping panel.

  • Squall83


    The easiest way to spot the difference is to scale the low-res pics to the same size as the high-res ones (provided the low-res ones are still somewhere). The former is going to be a lot blurrier than the latter. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm a Tool and sometimes I read a new page without being logged in (at lunch-break at work) and when I "ctrl-mousewheel" into the page then the difference is very noticeable.

  • Infidel

    I just re-read book one and two last week.  Wonder if I beat the update...I didn't notice anything different, but then again, I wasn't looking hard.

  • Red

    It's always a good time to re-read some Erfworld!

  • Brachen

    The example pic is in jpg format, so it doesn't actually reveal the lossless png, and potentially actually adds to the artifacts present in the ones that were already jpg (if what is done is that you copied two jpg's on top of a png and hit save instead of twice scaling down the lossless png on top of itself and hitting save)

    Would it be possible to get a preview as a png file instead, so we could see the actual effect and not a twice degraded one? 


  • Templar

    This has nudged me to re-read the archives, so thanks!