Cassidy and the Kid

By Sharik (Tipped by 1 person!)

I can't promise this is going anywhere, but it popped into my head this morning almost fully formed, and needed to be written.


The hardest part was the waiting. With an effort, Cassidy resisted the impulse to reposition his forces yet again, and settled for checking his mount's move. Still plenty high enough to get home when the time came. Which should have been obvious, given that he hadn't moved a hex since the last two times he'd checked. His steppony whickered beneath him, sounding almost amused - it had been on enough of these outings to know exactly what its master was doing.


He glanced to his left, where his highest level unit, an archer specialist warlord known only as "The Kid", was passing the time in his habitual manner of staring sullenly into the middle distance, his black hat pulled low to shield his eyes from the glare of the sun. No distraction to be had there.


The rest of Cassidy's sixteen units were spread out in a ragged line to his right, hidden just below the crest of the rocky hill on which they waited, six more broad-hatted warlords with stepponies. Their signamancy was ragged, but anyone discounting them on those grounds would be making a serious mistake - every unit was at least level three, and with their combination of high-move mounts and ubiquitous leadership, they could split up and outrun anything they couldn't outfight. If there was a more capable gang of barbarians anywhere in the Murican West, Cassidy hadn't heard of them.


As the temptation to reshuffle his troops rose again, Cassidy's reverie was broken by a familair chuffing sound, rapidly growing louder and echoing across the barren landscape. Satisfaction replaced trepedation - he'd guessed right - though in fairness the regular schedules and paths used by the enemy made such things almost too easy. And now his prey waited, fat with upkeep-sustaining plunder and, from the sound of things, with its turn ended just a hex or two away.


With a whoop, he waved his men into action. "Up and at 'em boys! We've got a twain to catch!"


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