Prince Valareos sat on top of his mount, a brilliant dwagon that was his pride and joy. This dwagon had popped with him, many turns ago, and was as much a part of him as his own skin. The signamancy on the dwagon showed its royal heritage, a brilliant red with a platinum silver underbelly.

For the moment, he was flying from one location to another, visiting parts of the city to ensure everything was running smoothly. His final stop was on top of the south east tower, looking over the land to the east. He could go no further, he was garrison unit. One day, he would fly out over the forest, free as the dwagon he rode on top of. Dismounting he gave the dwagon a pat. "Alright, Skawon... enjoy your flight, be back by end of turn." The dwagon gave a nod, understanding fully the warlord's intent, and flew off to enjoy the sky. The signamancy on the dwagon of course was not the colors it popped with. He had paid handsomely for a signamancer and dollamancer to customize the coloration. The effect was a warpaint that gave an armor bonus.

He turned to look over the city he was in charge of, the city of Dwecanis. Though it was a capitol site, it was not the capitol of his side. Halareos had absorbed the Kingdom of Calendar over many turns ago through diplomatic victory, and the capitol site was renamed, with Valareos put in charge. He kept much of the old city intact. Surrounding the city especially were gardens of May Flowers, left over from Calendars Florist, April Showers. Though the flowers themselves had no offensive or defensive capabilities, they did attract June Bugs. These natural allies were unintelligent, but sided with the city that owned the May Flowers. When an enemy unit entered the hex, they turned into Psycadias, whose alarm would warn the city and potentially immobilize any attacker with their screeching. Unfortunately, the May Flowers that April Showers brought, also brought Pill Grimms. These nasty creatures could devastate a local population if left unchecked, claiming land belonging to the side hex by hex. Unfortunately the June Bugs did not warn against Pill Grimms, so a guard force was still needed. He supposed Flower Power was like that, everything came with a balance. He gave a nod to the Captain of the guard, the Grimm Reaper Burk Heart as he headed down the tower.

Moving on foot back to the city center, he stopped by two of his casters squabbling over theories in their own respective fields. "Listen, you don't understand anything about Mathemancy!" The Mathemancer, Gardener, had been inherited from the Kingdom of Calender and still helped keep the May Flowers healthy. "Integration of ideas gives you a complete different area of research!" The Dittomancer, Tom Young, shook his head twice. "Double Integration of the same ideas will speak volumes about the problem itself!" Valareos really didn't have time to try to settle the argument, the two of them were always at it.

He winced as a Thinkagram forced its way into his head. His Mother, Queen Chandalareos was calling. "Good day to you Mother... calling to see if I am still staying put?"

His mother, a bright woman who seemed to shine brightly when she talked, chided him lightly. "Oh come now, I am allowed to dote on my children now and again, especially my heirs!"

Valareos raised an eye. "I have 4 brothers, each that are ahead of me in line. Please do not try to placate my ego, Mother." His gruff voice hid a bit of warmth before he took an official position and removed his helmet to report. "The City of Dwecanis is at maximum efficiency. We have had no contact from neutral or enemy forces since the Archons." The visit by Charlie's Archons, some 50 or 75 turns ago, had been a surprise, but the offer of 15 dwagons for information about Halareos's capabilities and a reasonable payment plan was too good to pass up. Valareos was still suspicious but they had made the payments and that seemed to be the end of that. "Our new Dwagonriders are coming along well, I still want to hire a dirtamancer to create a cave system for the Dwagons themselves. Tom seems to think we can start popping our own dwagons at that point."

His mother shook her head. "Now you know we don't have funds for that, and we don't want to draw attention to you. You are a level 3 city, deep in our territory, and not on anyone's list of a risk. Your suggestion would raise your city to a level 4, and then our border enemies might think we are raising up forces. I have no intent to shake spears with Orange Julius.

His mother of course, had a point. "I wish you would allow me to leave this city and try a diplomatic route. They have this festival soon where all are welcome as friendly parties. I can wear the Eyes of March so you can watch the event as well."

The thought intrigued his mother, he could see it. "Alright, I will send a message to their Chief Warlord, Anton Marky and make sure the arrangements and temporary truce are in place. Bring me a souvenir from their capitol! Iv'e always wanted to visit Roam."

Through his thick red beard, the smile was clear. The Roaming Empire was a fascination of his as well, especially how they survived by always moving their capitol around. "I will contact you as soon as I am ready to go." With that the 'gram faded out and Valareos grinned wider. He was about to fly free.


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