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  • Catching up: Dwagon Masters and Sharpest Tools for November and December

Catching up: Dwagon Masters and Sharpest Tools for November and December

Well, December was a challenge for us. Between Kickstarter fulfillment and the holidays, a lot of things got shoved aside just for the sake of maintaining updates and keeping the art and web teams moving.


One big one is that I owe some people an armored decrypted red dwagon and/or a shiny new site badge. Let's start the first full week of 2016 by celebrating some of our top contributors to the community!


more new badges rolling out soon


November's Sharpest Tool is Black, for this simple but pithy comment on Wanda in the reactions thread to page 108. She was tipped 11 times for saying only:


Wanda has the same relationship with Fate that Jillian has with Wanda.


November's Dwagon Master is youngstormlord, for Erfworld 0.5 - Hammertime, his game concept for an Erfworld-themed sidescroller. If you follow up on the comments to that thread now, you can see that it inspired Taikei no Yuurei to create a "basic build" of the concept. I think if it ends up being developed any further, then Taikei no Yuurei might be up being named a Dwagon Master in the future.


I very much encourage this kind of use of Erfworld among our fans, as long as you're attributing it to Erfworld and you talk to me before doing anything commercial with it. If you're out to make money on something based on Erfworld, it gets more complicated and we'll need to work out a licensing agreement or the like.


December was the most active month for forum posts in Erfworld's history, I believe. So Sharpest Tool was tough, but I've got to give it to CDS for his thoughtful and well-supported analysis of portals in the reaction thread to page 120. I love it when people take the time to get this deep into the story and then try to make their view of things clear to other fans. This kind of post is really the best reason to read the forums, even if you only lurk.


And finally, December's Dwagon Master badge and plushie is awarded to BakaGrappler, for his excellent winter adventure Strongman and the Ice Queen. Make sure you take the time to read it and leave him some feedback.


Thanks as always to everyone who submitted stories, art, comics, music, games and videos to our streams, and to all the people whose comments keep the forums humming and the trees shaking. :) It's been an incredible year, and I'm amazed at how much great Erf-y stuff is being made and shared. In 2016, we'll be adding more badges and other fun things to the site, to make the community around this comic even stronger.


more new badges rolling out soon


  • BakaGrappler (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Ah? Guh? Bwuh?  I won a Decrypted Dwagon!?  YEEEEEEEEES!  Thank you so much Rob, everyone!


    I feel it's a good place to say this, as it directly ties into Strongman, who has won me a Dwagon.  I would like to look into hosting a Community Contest for the Erfworld Community Stream.  I only thought of it the other day when roninpanda said "We need artwork of Strongman battling the drag queens!"  As a result, I've had a drive to use some of the Shmuckers that have been to kindly gifted to me to finance a contest for drawing Strongman related artwork done by the community to return some of the generosity I have received.


    I have no idea how I'll do this, but I'd like to pick some of the site masters' brains about it once the new year has calmed down for them.  For those who wish to get a head start, my criteria for entries is that it is Art based in some way, and be about Conan/Strongman, or related characters in an Erfworld setting. Following the story is fine.  Not following the story is fine.  Contacting me through the forums for clarification on my pop culture references WILL receive responses.


    Every entrant will be given a shmuckers prize.  The ones selected by me as the best entries will get shmucker prizes in the triple digits, with my personal review upon them.


    Like I said, I don't know when the First Strongman Art Contest will happen, as the infrastructure to support it may not exist, but it's something I totally want to have happen!

  • youngstormlord

    Yay, I'm going up in the world. 4 more badges and I'll collect them all I can possible collect and be allowed into Johto league. :D

    Thank you Rob, Xin and Lauri and the rest of the team for building this amazing world. I'm honored to become a Dwagon Master, just please don't send the dwagon to me until February 15th. I'll probably move until then, thus changing my address :D

    P.S. BakaGrappler, I'm not an artist but I think that you might like this one, maybe as the source for your illustrations until your contest comes to pass: Conan the Adventurer is a cartoon from the 90s that ran for a while but is not known very well and has the manliest intro song you'll ever hear in a children's cartoon.

  • cu

    Well deserved awards, kudos to the recipients.

    CDS's posts are always well thought out and worth reading.

    BakaGrappler's stories are great, although for me Ice Queen is not really the best example, it stayed too close to the original for my taste; very much looking forward to the next "Evergreen" chapter.

  • CDS

    Thank you very much I am very flattered.

    Thank you very much to everyone who has tipped my posts this month it is always appreciated.

  • Infidel

    Grats CDS.  I went back and tried to read your post again, but it was just too many words.  When I finished the first paragraph and saw that it went for another page, I scrolled down, and it went another page, so I scrolled down, and it went another page, so I scrolled down and it went another page, so I scrolled down and it went another page.  Then I was too tired to go all the way back again.