Dwagon Warlords

I have been busy for the last week or so working on some Erfworld images.  I re-imagined what the Erfworld dwagons would look like if they were turned into/fused with warlords.  Perhaps through some sort of Changemancy/Weirdomancy linkup spell or something.  Who knows?  However it happened, the results can be seen below.  Each image is scaled to be usable as a phone background image for any fans out there.  Except for the last one.  The group image is scaled to be used as a computer desktop background.

They can also be found by following this link to my DeviantArt Account.

Blue Dwagon Warlord

Brown Dwagon Warlord

Green Dwagon Warlord

Pink Dwagon Warlord

Purple Dwagon Warlord

Red Dwagon Warlord

Yellow Dwagon Warlord

Dwagon Warlord Desktop Background


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  • cu

    Nice! The yellow should really have his pants down, otherwise things could get messy. embarassed

  • Hamstard

    These are cool. I don't think I want to see the yellow one with his pants down but a drop flap would be funny.  :-D


  • conmor

    I feel sorry for blue and pink, they are below the yellow. ..

  • conmor

    I feel sorry for blue and pink, they are below the yellow. ..

  • Blankdom

    lol, why can't Acidic Crap be changed into Acidic barf instead? They were transformed, so I doubt their abilities were left in tack completely -- Look at the Purple and Green for example.

    Anyways, I don't remember what the brown did, anyone care to remind me?

  • Mikalyaran (Tipped by 1 person!)

    The Brown Dwagon got retconned.

  • Phoebette

    Put the yellow in a kilt and the whole manner is resolved. I like that you used the rarely seen brown. Kudos.

  • cloudbreaker

    @Hamstard: A drop flap would have been hilarious.  His pajamas would definitely have one. ;)

    @Blankdom:  Browns breathed what appeared to be smoke.  At the very least, it was a dark cloud of something.

    @Mikalyaran: Good catch.  I did remember once hearing that the browns might have been getting retconned, (at least from book 2) but I really wanted to draw a beautiful lady wearing all leather and smoking two cigars, so I included brown anyway.  I'm not sure anything has been officially stated on the matter anyway, so perhaps browns just pop along the coast, or in the desert, or in the swamps and Stanley hasn't gotten a chance to fly out and tame more of them since the Battle for Gobwin Knob.

  • wih

    The joke was that the Brown/Black dragons all were removed from the comic after V in OOTS killed them all.

  • Alkimodon

    Thank you so much! this is so rad!