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Part 5 of 20 in Ethereum

We already knew they were low on money. What does this tell us that we didn’t already know?”


That Tom doesn’t have a real backup plan if he has to beg us for help. It tells us that if just a few unexpected things go wrong, he’ll go broke and have to pack it in.”


What are you thinking? We can’t fight him head-on. Aside from everything else, he’s too strong. We couldn’t beat him without taking unacceptable losses. And with the Croakamancer, any attempt risks just making him even stronger. Or Croakamancers.”


The Turnamancer, too. That one’s weak now, but he’ll level fast. And what if he recruits another? Or multiple others?”


He’s the Naughtymancer, not us. We won’t fight him. I propose scorched earth. No mess, no losses, no risk. Without money, they have nothing. It would barely cost us anything, either.”


What about Pro Toast? They won’t agree to anything unless we tell them exactly what we’re trying to stop them from figuring out. Besides, we don’t want them to be too badly damaged.”


Why don’t we tell them the truth? Tom’s wanted in the Magic Kingdom for disturbing the peace and social order, and we’re willing to provide assistance to bring him to justice. A little pro bono work is a small price to pay.”


And his followers?”


None of them is indispensable. There’d be some inconvenience if we were responsible for them disbanding, but, all things considered, it’d tie up a lot of loose ends very neatly, don’t you think?”

Part 5 of 20 in Ethereum


  • Veryfuzzylogic

    I wonder if Pro Toast would be too suspicious of pro bono casters from the MK after getting beaten so spectacularly by a side made up entirely of them.  It would be funny if the side puts so many restrictions on the casters in fear of a double-cross that it makes them ineffective in a key way or at a critical moment.

  • DunkelMentat

    So does this fit in at the same time as day 4? I'm confused as to the continuity of this scene.

  • Hitchkok

    I think it's the same day as day 4, just later, After Miles and Akira left.
    It strikes me as guild leaders meeting to discuss the day's events