Milestone 3 hit, here's the plan!

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So at the start of this year, we had a team meeting about the milestones and the Toolshed. I said I hoped we could meet Milestone 3 by March 20th, because it will be the one year anniversary of launching the Toolshed. I thought it might have been a little optimistic, and said that we might have to announce something about trying to reach that goal by the anniversary if we wanted to hit it. Nothing as formal as a pledge drive or anything, just a news post at the start of March to let everyone know that we had the 20th in mind.


Well, you all put us over the mark on February 8th


This is incredible, and I continue to stand in awe of the Erfworld fanbase. But it has created a set of those "good problems to have." See, there were promises made at the Milestone 3 level. I said we'd relaunch, have guest art in the Art Blog, and start paying a professional word rate to stories in our Fiction stream.


We're not quite ready to do any of those things. We've been working on a site redesign since before Christmas, and we were planning to launch it in late March or April. It's going to have the Hamstard site embedded with the Erfworld site, and have submissions guidelines for the paid stories and art, etc. We're still in the design and coding phases with a lot of that stuff, and we want to roll it all out at once.


So hang on for those unlocks. I am soliciting some pros I know to be guest artists and seeking out some initial stories to post. I've posted a Hamstard and will keep making more of those, but I think it's safe to say that it'll be like 6-10 weeks before we're really doing everything that was unlocked at Milestone 3. The web team is hard at work.


And in the meantime, of course, the art team is killin' it and we're keeping the story rolling. Everyone on Team Erfworld is grateful for your generous and patient support. Our 10th anniversary will be in December, and it seems like 2016 is already the best year we've ever had. Thank you all!




  • Polvane the eraser


    Congratulations again on Milestone 3, Rob and team.   Really happy for you.

    Erfworld continues to  be my devouring webcomic obsession.    Nothing else even comes close.

  • Lymmothy

    My congratulations also!

    I hope and pray Erfworld has a long and glorious run full of great things for Team Erfworld and fans alike for many, many years.



  • pennythoughts (Tipped by 1 person!)

    I think the idea of a funding milestone is not that a funded milestone will be completed immediately. (At least in those industries I know)

  • Beeskee

    No rush and congrats on the milestone. :)

  • smurfworld

    The beginnings of the best year yet embarassed

  • Istaro

    "The art team is killin' it"—that's for sure!  Damn this comic is gorgeous these days.  It's always looked nice, but it's been a whole new level recently.


    And congrats on milestone 3!

  • Amit


  • ThisIsNotDan

    Congrats on hitting the milestone early! No rush on getting all the extras done--it sounds like you've got a great plan to roll it all out, and we have faith in you all!

  • dmolla

    Congrats Team Erfworld!

  • Knott (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Congratulations again, Team Erfworld!

    Set-up time counts in my book, so no worries on my part. (Too many tabletop games fail to declare set-up time)

  • Nickol Cadwell

    Hey! Take your time. Erfworld has always been about Quality over Quantity.

  • Pax

    Exactly as has been observed: no-one (reasonable and fair-minded) expects instant gratification on the benefits of a given milestone.  It is enough, IMO, that the new features are "being worked on", with a rough timeframe of "within a month or two".  If we reach [b]June[/b] and there's no Hamstard and such, [b]then[/b] we can break out the pitchforks and torches, hahaha!

  • khamul (Tipped by 1 person!)

    I'm here because of Erfworld, and right now it's the best its ever been. I feel really great about my subscription. 

    Just keep doing the things you do, in the knowledge that you're making at least one paying customer proper happy.


    Here's the bit I care about in milestone 3: "Rob's and Linda's full time salaries are covered". Though, y'know, the Luckamancy bonus is good too. 

  • venek_tostun

    Thank you Rob, it's good to know everything has a plan.

    I know we're all looking forward to seeing what you and the team come up with in the future.

  • Dewey the Signamancer

    Good things come to those that wait so I have no problem waiting. Congratulations on the Milestone! I hope hitting it didn't hurt to much. :P

  • Octavian

    Congratulations Rob! You and the whole team deserve all the success you've had so far and more! Erfworld is unique, funny, and engaging in a way hard for me to explain to friends. Keep at it and keep producing amazing content!

  • Slayorious

    I noticed earlier last week we were getting really close to hitting the milestone and I'm happy to see we finally got over the hump. Hard to believe Erfworld has been a part of my life for almost 10 years. Thanks for the fantastic story Rob. I can only hope even bigger things are on their way!

  • bladestorm

    I really wasn't expecting anything until after the milestone number had stabilized.  As it stands now, one subscription cancellation could drop us under that milestone amount.  Once we are consistently above the milestone mark, then I would be expecting something to be mentioned about it.  Nothing quite like rolling out a huge luckamancy bonus and then having to counter it with negative luckamancy.

  • threezero98

    So please please! Option to write a story and convert the professional word rate to Schmuckers :D

  • Crusty_Irishguy

    10th anniversary?! Oy ... has it been that long since I checked out this weirdly named webcomic called "Erfworld" (what the boop is an Erfworld?) when reading Order of the Stick. Confession - Erfworld is the first webcomic stop I make when I hop online to do read webcomics (which is daily).