A Creature of Balance

By ashtrails Comments (9) (Tipped by 14 people!)

Even if the comic's intense and utterly awesome right now, I think my favorite will always be Duke Forecastle.

So, here, have a Double Eagle for some good luck.



And since I was bored this weekend, also witness something that just popped into my mind, the infamous saladmander, as fierce as it is nutrient!



Kinda like the sourmander, I guess.

Forest capable?

Pops rations in the field/when garrisoned?

Regeneration when incapacitated?

 I don't know : D


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  • Crisis21 (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Ah, the Saladmander. The favored mount of the Dollamancer-led side Dressing Ranch.

  • Interjection Games

    Beware their mighty squad insertion devices: the Salad Shooters.

  • conmor

    Don't forget about the Turnamancer thyme, who whose their magic to crate clocks that make time go faster for any unit who looks at them, an effective trap or boring activity for bored warlords.

  • conmor

    Who uses their magic ack

  • Henk Slaaf

    Oh, the Duke was so glorious :)

  • PaintCaster

    Aah, the Saladmander!

    Though - in a picture as martial as this - you should have depictet a fully grown female in bloom, with her fearsome carrot-tusks, and her hide sprinkled with croutons.

    And the Rider clearly has the wrong kind of weapon - thats no salad-fork at all!

    Somebody mounted the saladmander ill-equipped, it seems. There will be a reckoning come the taming-roll.

  • BakaGrappler

    This. Is nifty.

  • ashtrails

    Late, but hopefully not too late:

    Thanks for all the Schmuckers, I'll do my best to throw some around ( and some day also buy that hardcover comic) ...

    And comments, big thanks for the comments!
    Dressing Ranch should definetely be a thing and yes, I will personally deal with the person responsible for the faux pas with the missing proper equipment! : D

  • Alkimodon

    I loved the Saladmander. So cute yet so deadly looking. And the double eagle is great!