March comes in like a hamster...

And goes out like a pocket of gas




  • Crisis21

    Five more artists. Ha!

  • BakaGrappler

    Damn! Those sting even hurt ME!

  • sdub


  • copperhamster

    Yes Brother, rise against the exploitative capitalists by not rising up! I shall join you *floops on the floor, asleep*

  • Brony83

    Five more artists? I'd wager the hamstard-thread is going to have five new comics from different users up and running quite soon. Let's make it 20 and we'll be allowed to electrocute you into awake-ness, ok? XD

    Also, it's the most exciting part of Erfworld's history, because on virtually every page there are soooo many boner-inducing perfect Archon butts. Wake-boners are way better than sleep-boners, dude! Mainly because you can prevent having to clean up a mess. But I bet you're having Rob do that anyway, so I guess you don't care after all. tongue-out

  • Carl

    Ow, that was mean hamstard. Honestly i'm torn between daaaw and "come here you little git so i can throttle you". He and wanda aren't related are they?

  • Polvane the eraser

    Hamstard, demon god of Sloth.

  • ThisIsNotDan

    Wait, I don't remember Rob begging for money when Jetstone was burning. Was that what he was referring to, or was "everything on fire" just a reference to boop hitting the fan in general when Dave left?

  • Godzfirefly

    I definitely sympathize with Hamstard!

  • Crisis21

    @ThisIsNotDan - I think the narrator voice is actually supposed to be Parson.