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  • Overdue Housekeeping: Jan/Feb Dwagon Masters and Sharpest Tools!

Overdue Housekeeping: Jan/Feb Dwagon Masters and Sharpest Tools!

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Hey! Once again we owe some people an armored decrypted red dwagon and/or a shiny new site badge. It's (past) time to honor some of our top contributors!


more new badges rolling out soon


January's Sharpest Tool is Dormninja, for this elegant verse describing the stakes in play during the Battle of the Magic Kingdom.


January's Dwagon Master had to be Ansan Gotti, for his Downfall video, meming Charlie as Hitler.


February's Sharpest Tool was a close call, but was really impressed by this thoughtful commentary by Bird breaking down some of the cultural subtext and implications in Bonnie's conflict with Artemis. I found myself talking to others about this comment later on, in discussions about storytelling and my goals for the series.


And finally, February's Dwagon Master badge and plushie is awarded to Cayzle, for his hilarious and inevitable fan comic Charlie's Nemesis.


Thanks as always to everyone who submits stories, art, comics, music, games and videos to our streams, and comments on the forums. I love what's been happening with tipping and participation. We can't reward or recognize every good contribution to the community, but you are rewarding each other for it, and that's just what we hoped would happen with the Shmuckers. More fun things are coming with the site redesign and our development goals for 2016.


  • Thecommander236

    Next time Gadget... I might actually submit something for consideration. 

  • No one in particular

    Congrats to the all the winners!

  • Ansan Gotti

    WOW, thanks, Team Erfworld!  You guys are the best!  Both the art AND the story have been KILLING it lately!


    And thanks as well to everyone who appreciated the video, I really had a blast making it. :)

  • Bird

    Thanks, Rob & Team Erfworld--your engagement with your readership is very much appreciated.

    Oh, and Ansan's video was totally baller. Good call on that.

  • BakaGrappler

    Congrats guys. I always look forward to seeing these awards, as they are both testimonies to the involvement of the fans with the site and it's lore, but also a testimony to the involvement of Team Erworld with their fans.

    Symbiotic relationships for the win!