Parson and Maggie in Fallout 4

I got bored, so I made Parson and Maggie in Fallout 4. And for those that are interested, "Parson" is on the list of names that Codsworth knows, so he'll say Parson's name out loud. Sadly, I couldn't give Maggie pink eyes.


Parson and Maggie FO4




"Um... It wasn't me this time?"



Maggie is ice cold


""Maggie? Why did your name change to 'Nora?' Also, why are you dead?"




"Alright boy. Let's go."


  • BakaGrappler

    Nice.  ...Wait, why is your baby black...?

  • Lipkin

    That's just the weird shading caused by the nuke.

    That being said, the mixing of parent's features is not all it is cracked up to be in this game. i once had a black father, and ginger mother. That kid looked fucked up.

  • cu (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Nice! Let me add pink eyes and lighten up Mag's hair too. Crappy Gimp skillz for the ween.