The best salad bar in city

Move over Wanda, heavy boys want to dance too.



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  • Crisis21


    Bwahahahahaha! This is gold! Take my shmuckers!

  • Chef Lurker

    Got the reference.  In fact, I'm kind of disappointed that Stanley didn't have a little police captain's hat on. laughing

    Oh well.  Still a good chuckle. Have a shmucker!

  • wraith203

    BAHAHAHAHA!   I can hear the music in my head just looking at that.
    But who will dip who?!!

  • Amit

    Looks like Bogroll is leading with his right hand. What do they dance?

  • vivalakevolution

    Oh Titans, My inner bear (Twoll?) chaser is coming out

    I didn't get the reference but my, these twolls.


  • Knott


    Based on their stances, it looks like the One-eyed Twoll in trousers is the one leading the Tango and will be dipping Zopha.


    The One-eyed trouser-twoll is not Bogroll by the way. Bogroll had hair.

  • Dewey the Signamancer

    Shut up and take my Shmuckers! money-mouth

  • BakaGrappler

    I completely get this joke.  This means I'm either way too old, or I watched way too much USA Network growing up.

  • cu


    Once the ones in the know have had our bag of chuckles, let's play nice with them youngsters here:

  • cu (Tipped by 2 people!)

    Ouch, error parsing YT's URL and no preview or edition of the comments. Well, one more try, if it doesn't work search youtube for "The Blue Oyster Bar":

  • kato42

    I lol'd.  laughing

  • ArtyD

    This is why I have piles of Smuckers.

  • Spruce

    Thanks, everybody! :)

    @Chef Lurker:

    It was indeed a missed opportunity. I am ashamed of myself.

  • vivalakevolution

    Oh my, if I had watched this show as a kid I think I'd pass out - thanks cu for the link!

  • Bandaid

    @ Spruce

    Awesome. Simple as that. However I am becoming more and more convinced that if I ever awaken as a mage (Yes Shadowrun, I am talking to you) researching a "Dispel Disturbing Mental Image" spell will become a high priority project of mine. Right after I finished researching a "Cure Headache" spell.

  • Darth Curious

    Good Work!