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Dwagon Masters/Sharpest Tools - March, April & May

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With all the development work on the site redesign and other recent Erfworld stuff stealing my attention, it shouldn't be too surprising that I fell far behind on awarding Dwagon Master and Sharpest Tool badges. Time to make up for that!


March's Sharpest Tool is 0beron, for this thoughtful comment around the time when forum discussion was getting dark and grim:  http://forums.erfworld.com/viewtopic.php?p=160023#p160023


March's Dwagon Master is kj6hvc, for his Jack Snipe tall tale "Princess Jillian and the Triple Crown Steaks" http://www.erfworld.com/blog/view/49160


April Sharpest Tool is JadedDragoon, for explaining so eloquently why the free casters of the Magic Kingdom see Parson as a threat - http://forums.erfworld.com/viewtopic.php?p=164410#p164410


April's Dwagon Master is Crivens, for his Marvel universe themed combination fanfic/fan art piece, "Tool! Captain Ansom! Hardware Man! The Incredible Jerk!" - http://www.erfworld.com/blog/view/49313


May Sharpest Tool is Zeal, for the Erf-worthy pun made here - http://forums.erfworld.com/viewtopic.php?p=171731#p171731


May Dwagon Master is Twofer, whose ongoing series Ethereum is possibly the most engaging fanfic we've had to date. The comments and tips tell all! - http://www.erfworld.com/blog/view/49582



We have also rolled out a new badge, the Quote of the Moment, for anyone who frequents the #erfworld IRC channel and has been mentioned in our QotM feature for saying something clever or funny or otherwise quotable:



more new badges rolling out soon