A Little Rhyme-o-mancy 2

Don King At Night


The King of Transylvito sat alone.

"Poor Slately's doom," he sighed, "is now my doom."

He listened for it, coming to his throne.

The monster -- Truth -- was breathing in the gloom.


He dropped his cup. "There comes a time," he said.

"When into every reign some rain must pour."

The Transylvino, spilling, plain and red,

Bled out, like Parson Gotti, on the floor.


"And to my Number now, I must be true."

"You hear me, Beast? I'll have my victory!"

But Truth is cold, and when its debts come due.

It only deals in harsh reality.


A deal that only laughing Fate might choose,

An offer that a Don cannot refuse.


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  • balder

    Before I noticed that Cayzle had included a thumbnail for this post, I made up this one for it. Seems worth sharing: http://i.imgur.com/csoOMq2.png 

  • sdub

    Nice poem! I love the thumbnail too, Rob.

  • Lemons

    Wow, nice thumbnail Rob! What a sinister poem, Cayzle, I applaud you!

  • Cayzle

    Thanks sdub and Lemons (and tippers)! Serious topic, so I went for the Shakespearean sonnet. Rob's thumbnail is way better than mine!

  • Spicymancer

    I very much liked, but I have one major, MAJOR complaint.


    Completely ruined it for me. 


    ... You used the same title for this blog post and your last poetry one! laughing So when I went to update this to your entry in my fanfiction list I thought I was either psychic or insane (well, I suppose "both" is also an option on that one), since it looked nearly identical to the earlier one. 


    Just for comparison.



    There's only a single digit of difference between the yawning abyss of madness and a clerical error.


    I just put in a little note so people know they're different, but next time, add a 3.0 to it or something. wink

  • Cayzle

    Fair point, Spicymancer. And I can still edit these things, I think. I'll try. Thanks for the feedback.