Ansom Conquers


I'm not sorry :P


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  • Thecommander236

    Speak for yourself Jillian. 

  • Spicymancer (Tipped by 5 people!)



    Jed, of course, would like a tower of Samoas.

    Bunny would probably enjoy Trefoils.

    Thin Mints are probably Wanda's favorite, because of the dark chocolate and surprise burst of mint.

    Stanley would deny it, but he keeps a box of Do-si-does under his desk.

    Maggie has a soft spot for Savanna Smiles, with the sweet but tart lemony taste.

    Sizemore probably likes Dulce de Leche, for the creamy, earthy flavor.

    Janis approves and likes her some Thank You Berry Much cookies for using humanely sourced Berry harvesting practices.

    And Parson, of course, loves Tagalongs.

  • Interjection Games

    Jack would also like thin mints, or at least pretend to, just so he has another avenue to harass Sister Wanda. That said, the cookie's signamancy would appeal to a foolamancer either way.

  • meerling

    Toolism Scouts?

  • Infidel

    Some people couldn't wait I see.

  • Knight13 (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Haha, I love how Albert's like "What?!  Mom, what do you mean we don't want any?"

  • Brony83

    Haha, beautiful! laughing

  • cloudbreaker (Tipped by 4 people!)

    I didn't know Ansom had the scouting special. 

  • Brony83

    @cloudbreaker: Awesome comment! XD

  • Vettius

    I am amazed at how much more Ansom favors Trammenis in this picture foot-in-mouth