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Gen Con Indy Time! Booth 2235!


Once again, we'll soon be turning the key of the little cargo van and rolling for Gen Con Indy. We're at booth 2235 in the Exhibitor Hall. Xin can't make it this year, so it will be Team Erfworld members Rob, Linda and Red manning the guns (or the lifeboats, whatever). And we always have a good time:



There won't be any official Erfworld events, sad to say. Unofficially, though, we would really like to get together for a nice dinner with fans on Saturday night. Drop by the booth and we'll share details.


Here's the exhibitor hall map:



Our Last Gen Con?


We've done fewer and fewer conventions over the past few years, mostly because running Erfworld is at least two full-time jobs' worth of work for me, and it takes weeks to get things back on track after I travel.  Because of that and various other factors, we will not be booking a booth for Gen Con in 2017. It may be a few years before we're back in Indianapolis, at least as exhibitors.


So if you're a Gen Con regular, please make some time to drop by the booth this year and say hi. I will really miss all the great chats we get to have with readers there, but we're going to try to make it to other events that are outside our usual range. (Psst. Helsinki, anyone? Watch this space.)


Intervention, though! Thomas Dolby!


On the other hand, we will be returning to one of our regular old stomping grounds, Intervention 7! We've had lots of great times there, and don't forget that this is run by a former member of Team Erfworld, our old webmaster Harknell and his incomparable wife Onezumi.


But psh, don't go there for him, or even me! I think they've got the best line-up of guests of any year so far, including Arthur Darvill, René Auberjonois, Juliet Landau, Gigi Edgley, Dwight Schultz and David Gerrold.


The one that has me geeking out more than all of those combined, though, is they've got Thomas "SCIENCE!" Dolby performing on Friday night. I have loved this guy's music since high school, and kept up with him recently on social media. Last I'd heard, he had built a recording studio in a boat, but he's now apparently teaching music at Johns Hopkins.


Can't wait to see him do a live show, and also to catch up with Pete Abrams, Garth and Mookie, Chris Flick and other webcomics friends I have not seen in way too long. If you're anywhere near DC in September, try and get to this con. It's always a good party con, but with these guests it's really gonna be a good year to go.








  • ArtyD

    Good luck at gencon guys.

  • FlyinFungi

    To me, this is really awesome. I am going to GenCon for my friend's bachelor party and now I get to see my favorite web comic in person and (hopefully) have a dinner night with everyone. I really look forward to seeing you guys. Hopefully I can get my hands on a book 1 hardcover and some other Erfyworldy swag! 

  • Polvane the eraser

    Have a good time at Gencon, y'all.   Safe journey.

  • Interjection Games

    ...Is Paizo spending more than my yearly income on that booth or something? That thing should run up into the multiple tens of thousands if Rob's got a single and Paizo didn't get a deal.

  • ElvenAvariel (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Last Gencon? Awwww. Stopping by the booth has always been one of the highlights of Gencon for me.

    Oh well, do whatcha gotta do. I go there every year, so I'll just have to look forward to the year that you come back ~_^

  • Octavian

    The sadness that this will be perhaps your final GenCon is balanced by the knowledge that my Saturday evening is free (until 9pm anyway)!!!

    And now I must pack any of my unsigned things so that you may sign them...since GenCon is the only Con I attend. But I think I lack any unsigned things. :(

  • Beeskee

    Have a good time at the con! <3


    > running Erfworld is at least two full-time jobs' worth of work for me

    You may wish to consider hiring more help. :D

  • dewtell (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Balder - Interesting that you mention Worldcon 75 in Finland next year.  I've been wanting to propose to the community here that we start a campaign to nominate Erfworld and the Xin/Lauri team for Hugo Awards, and that it would be really cool if we could pull it off for next year when Lauri, at least, might be able to attend the ceremony.  I've gotten sucked into Worldcon fandom the last couple of years because of the controversy over the Hugo nominations and what to do about it (in short: griefers have figured out how to dominate most of the nominations the last two years with only around 15-20% of the nominators, and there's a bunch of pushback from the rest of fandom to try and regain control of the nominating process).  I wrote a little bit about my experience on my LiveJournal.

    Anyhow, I've been checking into the eligibility requirements, and Hamsterdance vs. the Charlie Foxtrot will be eligible for nomination as Best Graphic Story in the year following the publication of its last installment, presumably including any included epilogues.  So if that happens later this year, we could nominate it for the 2017 Hugos in Finland; otherwise we will need to wait for the appropriate year.  What we would need from you is (1) a clear indication at time of publication of the last installment that it is the last installment for Book 3, and (2) a clear indication of the official publication date in that installment.  The Hugos go by official publication date rather than time of availability (a story published in the January 2016 issue of a magazine is eligible for the 2017 Hugos, even if the issue was on the stands the previous December), but if there is no publication date, they use copyright date instead, and that could get messy with the site copyright notice.  The example cited to me of a webcomic that is careful to do both those things was Girl Genius, which has had various volumes nominated for past Graphic Story Hugos.

    I would like to see Xin and Lauri nominated as a team for the Best Professional Artist Hugo.  That's not usual - usually the nominees are solo artists - but there is at least one past example of a husband and wife team nominated together, so I think it can be done, though I'll have to check.  It's clear that their collaboration has really elevated the art to a new level.  The Professional Artist category requires that they be paid by a publication that accounts for at least 25% of the income of at least one person (not necessarily the nominee).  I assume that Erfworld currently qualifies on that score, but if not, we would need to know to nominate in the Fan Artist category instead.

    We'll know a bit more about what it may take to become a finalist for next year after MidAmericon II later this month in Kansas City.   It's a two-year process to make any changes to the nominating rules.  There are two amendments that are up for ratification this year that would affect the 2017 nominations (including the one I've been supporting), and some new amendments proposed for 2018 that would go further, including one I'm co-sponsoring.   I expect I'll have more to say after that on the forums somewhere, including an official announcement, but I wanted to mention this now since you were talking about Worldcon.

    I've just added my contact email to my profile, if anyone needs to reach me.  

    Dave Wallace (dewtell)


  • Octavian

    It was awesome meeting you, Linda, and Red this year at the con! It was equally horrible having to skip the pizza party because of stupid events far away. :(

    Hopefully you can return to GenCon in some way shape or form sometime, or I can magically get more vacation time to attend another con where you'll be. Until then, I guess we'll always have Kickstarters. :)

    Thanks again!