The Ham Stirs...

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Let us quote from the Book of Toolshed, Milestone 3:



Lo, it was prophesied. Yea and verily, it hath come to pass. Hamstard is reborn at! New strips weekly by Balder and/or Parson Gotti shall fall from on high, amid rejoicement and amusing. Huzzah.


Even more importantly, you can now make your own Hamstard comics to share, either on this site or elsewhere. Or you can lurk in your cage and pass judgment upon the works of other fans. Rate the submission queue and help us find the funny ones, so we can promote them to the main page.



  If your strip makes it to the main Hamstard page, you will be awarded the new Cheeky Hamstard badge!



Read the About page at for all the information you can eat. This is the dawning of the Age of Hamsteria!


  • Carl

    Yay, who doesn't love hamstard. Though he is a cheeky little monster isn't he?

  • Knott

    Oh! What havoc hast thou wrought upon us?

    He let slip the bastards on Hamstard's mind.

    Fie! The slumper yond did bind him, hast cometh undone!

    And nevermore shalt innocence traverse these hither lands unscathed...

  • Thecommander236

    I must say, I was never sure how to feel about the return of the Hamstard comics. The original Hamstard comic was bad. Like it was intentionally bad, I understood that, but it was bad in the way that it was supposed to be bad and not "so bad it's somehow good again". It was a slog to get through the comics because they were so inane. Still, I'm looking forward to these comics since I want to see if they changed at all since the last time. 

  • Rena_Ishtar

    the Hamstard badge is my new and only goal. What to do....

  • Wayne

    I just posted a new comic.  When posting, I noticed the "vote for comic" was there....and clicked on myself.  I can post a comic and give myself 5 stars, giving me a bit of a bump.

    Suggestion:  As the number of votes on any comic is pretty small, disable self-voting.

  • devvilmaecare

    @Wayne - if the soon to be President of the good 'ol U.S. of A. can vote for themselves then you should be able to throw down a vote for your own Hamstard comic strip. XD