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Hey, just a quick followup to say we collectively did it. Red is moved into his new place, yay! Nearly all of his stuff survived the trip, yay! Only the cheap stuff broke, yay!


So there were a lot of good suggestions and experiences shared with us by readers. A few people really went above and beyond to offer us moving help, including someone who was quite willing to go from Maryland to Ohio to Richmond and back to Maryland and haul a trailer for us with his big truck (and press his high school aged kids into service to help!) We even offset a substantial chunk of the ultimate cost of the move due to some fans who insisted on sending a monetary contribution to the cause. Your collective kindness and willingness to pitch in for Red meant a lot to us, and to him personally.


Ultimately we did take the advice of several people who said to rent a big enough trailer, get some help at either end, and a truck to haul it all the way. The truck and the driving was provided by Red's dad and stepmom, since luck had it that he actually had a weekend off in the window we needed. (Backup plan was our volunteer from Maryland, but he and his kids got off the hook.) In Ohio, we hired some local muscle. Here in Richmond, we accepted the help of four wonderful volunteers (out of the ten wonderful people who offered).


Unloading the truck was done in something like half an hour, and Red's folks were back on the road and home in Ohio by about 8pm. The seven of us stayed for a couple of hours, assembling furniture and electronics and placing most of the heavy things where they should go. Then we went out to Q Barbecue and had a nice long lunch chat about Erfy things. We handed out goodie bags which included an ultra limited edition thing that nobody can ever get unless they do something heroic like this for Erfworld. Maybe they'll even tell you what it is, if you ask them nicely.


We meant to take more pics, but it was hot and sweaty and there was a lot of crap to be moved from one place to another. Here's a few, though.


 This heavy item was assembled correctly, then disassembled because we doubted Shiro. Then Shiro had to reassemble it because we couldn't.

If you are at all sympathetic to Shiro's suffering at our hands, consider buying some of his custom jewelry. :D


 Hard mode for furniture assembly: seven people and one allen wrench of the appropriate Ikea gauge


 The infamous recliner couch (+7 Personal Value)


 The trip brought Red's folks past Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, so they stole a Jumbotron


 Q Barbecue has a pineapple thing. Travis looks happy because he got the pineapple thing.


 The lesson Jack learned was that if you wait for Linda to take a picture, all your dressing will end up on the same lettuce leaf.

Forrest avoided this problem by steering clear of salad entirely.


 Red is demonstrating how it would look to hear a story by an old sea captain, if old sea captains smoked french fries instead of pipes.

Rob is still learning to use a grown up fork. He is happy because he also got the pineapple thing.

So yep, weather went fine, nobody had an accident, nobody got hurt, we had a good time afterward, the whole deal was cheap enough not to torpedo our other plans. It's a big, big win for the team, and therefore the entire world. Thanks, everyone! :)


  • Kelibath

    Fantastic news! I'm so glad to hear this has worked out - hope it results in years of happy collaboration from this point on!
    And it's nice to see my suggestion was on the mark too :) 

  • Coren22

    Woot, I got a mention.


    Glad everything went well and everyone stayed safe.  Also glad I didn't have to drive all that distance. :D

  • falcore51

    The captions on these pictures were well worth the read time.

  • Ansan Gotti

    Love it!!  Kudos to you, the community, and so glad Red is with you all. :)

  • saxaholic

    So glad the move worked out! Cheers to all you selfless folks who kicked ass! laughing


    You ever need support in the Pacific NW I'd love to help!

  • Squall83

    Congrats on the great work, everyone!

  • Polvane the eraser

    Congratulations on the move, Red.  Also, beautiful pictures.  

  • Octavian

    Congratz Red! Now...back to work! :)

  • Red

    Thank you everyone for all of the advice, well wishes, offers of help, and congratulations. And of course extra special thanks (and Shiny Red Star badges!) to Forrest, Jack, Shiro, and Travis for coming out and helping and having a fun Erfworld conversation over lunch.

    I'm proud to be part of a community like the Erfworld fanbase that turns out like this whenever help is needed. And of course I'm very moved to have been helped this time around.

  • dmolla

    that's great he's all moved and settled in! and the captions are hilarious! (especially the Shiro assembly/disassembly/re-assembly one)