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A few months ago, we made a major correction to the way we're counting subscribers and pledges, and bumped a whole lot of unbillable subscribers out of our system at once. We said that we'd be deactivating all Toolshed accounts that were not billable for three months in a row.


Well, we apparently didn't say it clearly enough to the billing system itself.


So this is sort of a repeat of the prior news. On or about the 14th of every month, we expect to see the Toolshed numbers take a dip (both the Tool count and pledge count) as we close these accounts. This month, there will be a fairly steep drop, as we close all the accounts that the system overlooked since March.


This is fine, this is normal, it happens to every Patreon page for the same reasons. So when you see the drop in our numbers this week, or in the middle of every month from now on, it is not because people are leaving in droves over some plot point in the story, or that they're mad at the time of day that the update went up, or because I said something deplorable on Twitter.


All is well. Don't panic. Keep calm and carry on. Go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all this to blow over. Don't get all:



Thank you.


  • Pax (Tipped by 1 person!)

    So, what you're saying is: "Relax, guys, it's just Start of Turn ... and our Moneymancer is making necessary changes to the Treasury."


    (Also, ARGH, why do these comments not allow edits to fix bad formatting?)

  • robertzi7

    My guess the problem was that they tried to use just Moneymancy last turn, but it wasn't enough due to the system being outside of the normal treasury. This turn it must be a full Moneymancy-Dollamancy linkup. 

  • Vendanna

    They used a Moneymancer to cook the treasury books, as mentioned on a story. :3

  • the_zet

    I'm just blaming Charlie. I mean, Parson is gaining traction with a one-time enemy, he's out of the pokey and plotting something, and Charlie has outside-his-own-world influence via the Arkendish. Why WOULDN'T he try to boop with Balder and the team by rigging the Toolshed against him?

  • technojunkie

    @Vendanna: I thought it was carnymancy, cuz the numbers were putting on a show.

  • technicalvault

    @balder, you appear to have deactivated your old school tools who still have a legacy plan too. I don't see the toolshed anymore and my last payment was Nov 04 2015 ERF Books -Recurring Payment, I should be good for a few months yet?

  • Linda Balder

    @technicalvault - you are still listed as being an active Toolbox subscriber still good through Nov 04. You should be able to access the Toolbox. If you are unable to access the Toolbox I will have Red look into it for you. :-)



  • shneekeythelost (Tipped by 1 person!)

    When plotting world domination, don't worry about pissing off the spunky superheroes who will inevitably rail against you. They're going to be upset with you regardless of what you do, and there's not much to be done there. Your goal is world domination, they have these silly ideals where concepts like 'freedom' are concerned, so conflict is pretty much inevitable.

    Worry about upsetting Accounting. They have the ability to hit you in the pocketbook. They're the one who does your taxes. They have the ability to end your campaign with a single misplaced decimal. So be generous to them. Full benefits package, competitive, nay make it above-competitive pay scale, and most importantly... make sure they have comfy chairs. Keep them happy, or your plan is doomed before it ever begins...

    --Evil Genius Manual

  • meledin

    It is worth noting that the toolbox used to be accessible using a different pattern before (there was an actual link in the pseudo-tab-bar-thingamabobby). Now toolbox content can be found using the search hamburger-menu-that-is-not-a-menu. I hadn't actually noticed it until right now, when I, too, looked for the "toolbox" link.

  • TheDarkOne

    speaking of old tools and such I do have a small gripe I'd like to mention. When you transitioned from the old toolshed to the new toolshed and new site and added badges, active tools under the old system got a badge. The update frequency had gotten so bad that I had let the old toolship lapse despite originally signing up on day one ( Jun. 9, 2009?).  I probably would have been a lot quicker to join the new toolshed if that badge had been given to all the old tools

  • Squall83

    Alright, thanks for informing us! I don't really look that close at those numbers unless they're very close to a Milestone. Keep up the good work! :)

  • balder

    @TheDarkOne Hey, we really do appreciate all your support and your being there for us from day 1 of You're definitely not alone among people who didn't feel we merited supporting anymore when things got difficult. The original Toolbox numbers fell (from a high water mark of around 1175 supporters to 600 or so) between 2012 and 2015, and I completely understand why that was. As hard as we were working, Erfworld was not delivering for the fans the way I wanted us to. All I can say is that the badge was conceived as a kind of a reward to those who stuck with us anyway, and that's why it only went to accounts that were active Tools on the day we rolled out the Toolshed.

  • drgnslt

    So I am interested in becoming a Tool, but I want to do it on the first account I made, this was an account I made to troubleshoot my issue. I've posted in the bugs section of the forum several times but I haven't had any response. I made my account around the time the website was being worked on and everytime I try to login it says profile not found. I can even change the password with the pw recovery but I've never been able to login, IIRC there was an issue with the account confirmation email. Any help would be appreciated.

  • kevistrophic

    Sounds good. I'm pleased to be counted among the billable, and hopefully $1600 per update is sufficient to keep the awesome flowing (as it is flowing so nicely right now!)

    Thanks for the heads-up, Rob!

  • balder

    @drgnslt Best route is to use the contact us form in the site footer. Linda can sort it out early this week when we're home from the con. I haven't been keeping much of an eye on the forums lately, sorry