A year without missing!

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Today's post is page 200.


It is also page #104 with the new art team.

anybody even know what this meme is?

 That's significant, because it means we've gone 52 weeks since relaunch, without missing a single on-time update!


I want to congratulate Xin and Lauri and the whole team for making this happen. It has not been easy. Everybody had a major life event in that span. I moved. Lauri got married. Xin moved and got married. Everybody made significant sacrifices to keep the story going, and to keep our promises to Erfworld's army of supporters. This creative team truly works as a team, and I couldn't be prouder of everyone for supporting each other and covering for one another, and doing whatever it took to keep on schedule.


That said, we need to make one big adjustment. Starting next week, Erfworld's update schedule will be Tuesdays and Fridays. Backer stories, when they resume, will happen on Sundays.


Literally everybody on Team Erfworld needs this change, especially Lauri and Xin who both need to transition to working on weekdays only. Frequently, an update requires big changes on or near the day it goes up. Moving from Mondays to Tuesdays will let us deal with the revisions, adjustments, and the blow-this-away-because-everything-changed moments.


Also, the web team can only do our weekly Skype meeting on Monday evenings. And whenever Linda and I are at a con, we always end up barreling home to get the update dealt with. It's not fun. This will help a lot with that.


We're also going to need to occasionally schedule some time off. Our plans and budget count on putting up 100 updates in a year, not 104. For the sake of sanity and a balanced life, I think we'll want to give everyone some time for family around the holidays, and we'll definitely need a break when we go to Finland next year. (More to come about that.)


I really hoped we'd get to this point. But given all the difficulties we've experienced in our schedule in the past, I honestly did not know if it was possible. So as we get closer to the 10-year anniversary of Erfworld, I want to thank Xin and Lauri, and Red, John, Brendan, Steve, Josh, and Linda too, for making this year the best one of the ten by far.


I hope everyone is having fun.






  • Moks


    Thanks for the story, Titans. It's been absolutely smashing.

    If I may -  I dream of the day you'd announce an Erfworld game here. Any digital game (some of us don't have tabletop players to play with) will be great.

    TCG like Magic? Awesomeballs. RPG? <3 <3 <3. 4x like Civ? I'd pour hundreds of hours in. RTS like Red Alert? Gimme.

    Point is, you can try anything here and we'd be willing to give it a shot.

    Please make this dream a reality, Titans.

    Thank you!

  • Carl

    Okay i only just see this, for some reason it wasn't showing in the feed for me before today, caching issue i guess or somthing.


    Anyways, congratz and good luck going forward.