Hurricane Matthew relief

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I've been sort of planning to do this the next time there was a killer storm in the US, but I set up a ShelterBox USA team page for Erfworld fans (and for my personal friends and family, too). I think we should try to collectively raise enough for five ShelterBoxes to be delivered to families in need. That's $5,000.


A ShelterBox is something like this, tailored to the environment and situation of the disaster, and delivered to people who have lost their home in a natural disaster.



If Matthew turns out to be as nasty as it looks for the US (it has already killed a few hundred people in the Caribbean) and you are thinking about contributing to a disaster relief agency, then ShelterBox would be a good one to pick. They've been Erfworld's charity of choice for many years. I really, really like this organization's model for disaster relief, and they get high marks from charity watchdogs.



If you go to the project and click "Join Team" then you can set up your own member page as somebody who is getting the word out about this effort, and set your own sub-goal for finding people to donate. (I don't think we need to make a huge push and get all pledge-drivey about this. But if you do create a team page, then maybe when people in your Facebook feed are discussing disaster relief in the coming days, you could share that link.) If you don't want to beat the drum for this, but you would like to donate to the team goal, just click the Donate Now button.


I honestly don't do a lot for charitable causes. I didn't dump an ice bucket over my head. That's mostly because I know I can't solve the world's problems. I don't like to see my efforts diluted (or deluded), so I've sort of picked one thing to support that I am pretty sure is worthwhile. I'm getting the word out for ShelterBox USA. And they need it, because instead of spending donations on overhead and soliciting more donations, they spend it on getting this kind of stuff up a mountain in Nepal or to a remote island in the Philippines: 



So we'll all sit and grit our teeth about the storm and its aftermath this week. And if at some point you feel like kicking in to this group goal, then I do think it's something we can hit. You are a kind and generous bunch of people, and you've shown that time and time again.


To our readers in the path of Hurricane Matthew, stay safe and well. The Titans send their blessings.





  • Neko (Tipped by 1 person!)

    I'm in.  To any of the Erf "Family" in FL - Please stay safe.

  • Mr Awesome (Tipped by 1 person!)

    The link does not seem to work:

    Also, I can go to and their PayPal donate link gives me the error "Sorry - your last action could not be completed"

  • Dandere (Tipped by 1 person!)

    It's hitting right now, I'm still alive \o/

  • erfunk (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Donated and made a page, albeit a bit out of order. Having a link handy seems like a great idea for the next few days, as I'd guess the aftermath is going to be on everyone's minds.

  • Dandere (Tipped by 1 person!)

    That hurricane didn't even manage to take out our power, and we were supposed to be the hardest hit. Unless this thing really plows South Carolina, these kits should go to Haiti.

  • balder

    @Mr Awesome - Ack! Sorry, fixed it. It's actually

  • balder

    @Dandere - Yeah I woke up this morning expecting to see eastern Florida pretty much rekt. Looks like it took a good eastern wobble overnight, which is awesome. Haiti and the Bahamas definitely took a beating, though. The eye went right over Freeport. Still worried about that "loop around" track, though. If it crosses the state like Andrew did, then Florida is not out of the woods. Now we need it to head out to sea.

  • kilantolshi (Tipped by 1 person!)

    Those things are useful. My family received one (well, something similar... don't know if itwas from the same group) a number of years ago during the California wildfires. They still have most of it, very durable. Definitely worthwhile to donate to and help out those in need!

  • balder

    SWEET! First box has been summoned! You are all beautiful.

    @kilantoshi For whatever reason, it didn't even occur to me to think about how these tools and tents and cookware might stay with the family long after the disaster. I'm really happy to hear that they helped your family and that the items hold up to years of use.