Thankfully, the streak is ending

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A Thanksgiving Pause


We did give you a heads up that we were planning to skip some updates around the holidays, and this one's going to be our first. There will be no update for Friday, November 24 so that the American contingent of Team Erfworld (Rob, Xin, Linda, Red, and Brendan) can have Thanksgiving plans and we can get a little pause in the nonstop grind.


This means that our streak breaks at 114 on-time strips in a row, which I think is a record we'll probably never equal. The instinct is to keep it going, but taking breaks is necessary, however much it knocks off the bottom line. (We've gotten suggestions to go to a monthly pledge system, but I believe in the built-in accountability of the Toolshed. For the first time in our history, something is working to keep us on schedule, so it's not going to change.)


Anyway, it's Thanksgiving. I want to say I'm extremely thankful for all the people who are now helping create and run this show, and for all their hard work and sacrifice. What goes on behind the scenes here is something I can't or won't always share, but I want you to know that everybody put in a monumental effort this year. You'd be amazed at what it takes to keep things going and moving forward, but you'll get some idea in a little under two weeks, when we roll out some new stuff to mark Erfworld's 10 year anniversary. I'm telling you, set a calendar reminder right now to visit sometime on the 7th of December. There will be limited time window to participate in some of it.


And of course, I am also thankful for all of you. You are arguably the most supportive group of readers that any webcomic has ever had, and that fact never leaves my mind when I'm doing this. The way that everyone came through for Erfworld in 2015 when things looked bleakest is just one of the all-time highlights of my freakin' life.


Finally, I don't know what's happening in Stupidworld. 2016 has been this parade of suck, globally and among our own lives and friends. I posted in February when we lost Bud Webster, but I did not tell you that his lovely wife Mary also succumbed to her illness in August. And we lost our friend Bob Ellis this year, who was one of the sweetest and most positive people I've ever known. I'll avoid mentioning anything else about 2016 (rhymes with "your mom, bae"). But whoever you are and whatever your situation, it's likely you took a major hit to your happiness and security and positivity about the future this year.


So I want to say that I am simply thankful that we've gone wire-to-wire, Thanksgiving-to-Thanksgiving, without some terrible Erfworld catastrophe happening as well.  I think it's important for your perspective and sanity to take stock of your own Luckamancy, both good and bad, and Erfworld's luck has been buffed this year. 2016 has (at least to this point) been the best year in the life of the comic by far. That's not a challenge to Fate! This is a day to say what you are thankful for. The worse things get, the more you have to appreciate what you've got.


Catching up on Dwagon Masters and Sharpest Tools


One indication that we have been going as hard as we can for all this time is the fact that we fall behind on a few non-comic things. So I'll take this little break to get caught up on (*blushing*) the last five months of Sharpest Tool and Dwagon Master badges. Ahem. Here we go:


June’s Dwagon Master is Sonic Screwdriver for Units of Faq

June’s Sharpest Tool is DunkelMentat with some thoughts about Erfworld and plot:



July’s Dwagon Master was Celebrenithil for Another King Tramennis Fanart

July’s Sharpest Tool was Veryinky for comparing Jetstone’s attitude to the limited diplomacy options in strategy games (honorable mention to kerofune for lifting the western cultural blinders on the definition of a “god” )



August’s Dwagon Master was Andrew for Fan art: the Perfect Warlord

For August’s Sharpest Tool we have our first-ever (I think) tie. Both of these posts are an analysis of Parson’s character, they’re both outstanding and thoughtful, and I can’t say say that one was better than the other. So I’ll go ahead and award two badges.

The first went to Lipkin, for this opinion/analysis about Parson's true moral nature and Maggie's detecting and allying herself with it:

The second goes to Noigel, for describing the kind of real-battle-conditions strategist Parson is:


Noigel’s post reminded me of this recent nice tweet:



September’s Dwagon Master was kilantolshi for Mapping Out Erfworld

September’s Sharpest Tool was Chris Goodwin, for out-erfing me on what I probably should have called the Dirtamansion:



October’s Dwagon Master was mbellish, for It's a Croaked Units Party, parts 1 and 2

October’s Sharpest Tool was the_fire_brigade for this insight into the determinism (or not) of unit stats in Erfworld:


So that's it! I'm not really even going to take time to make this post pretty. While Linda's out of state with her family, I'm going to head over to my friends' apartment for some turkey and to watch some "not-football" that is likely to be something like "Thankskilling III." Byeeeee!


  • Chris Goodwin

     Agreed about pre-arranged time off not being the same as missing an update.  That's how it works at every workplace I've ever been in.  You work hard at this and deserve time off same as the rest of us.

    Also, I wasn't expecting to see my name up there in the cool stuff space!  Thank you and woohoo!  :)

  • Lipkin

    Fist bump to Noigel.

    Thanks to Rob and the team for all the amazing work they do. Still the only thing that's inspired me to write fan fiction.

  • OneHugeTuck

    No.  Please don't stir up trouble.


    I didn't and wasn't, so don't accuse me of such.

  • Squall83


    Thanks for explaining! That was indeed a tragic story.

  • beeporama

    I don't generally participate in the discussions-- I'm just a quiet, satisfied fan-- but I do like the Toolshed system and I don't begrudge you a few breaks in your satisfyingly consistent pace, especially when it's your budget on the line. What a clever system.

    And even if I'm not participating, it's nice how you recognize the clever and/or talented fans who do.

  • Infidel

    I didn't and wasn't, so don't accuse me of such.

    Don't deny.  One doesn't "conclusively conclude" whatever that means, on fragmentary evidence unless they are trolling.  People like you are the reason the buffer bar was removed. 

  • WooSai

    As a tool who gets paid holidays at his work, I would have been happy to assist in giving you a paid Thanksgiving.  For upcoming holidays, you should allow tools to help support your ability to enjoy the holidays without it impacting your financial situation.  The holidays are already a financial drain without having to choose between work/money or family.  Make it optional if that makes you feel better, but I would be happy to give you a break and let you get paid.  

  • OneHugeTuck

    "Don't deny.  One doesn't "conclusively conclude" whatever that means, on fragmentary evidence unless they are trolling.  People like you are the reason the buffer bar was removed. "

    It was a question, not a statement.   And it was a valid question.


    "People like you are the reason the buffer bar was removed. "

    A.  Do you know that to be fact?  

    B.  People like me?  Long time loyal reader, Tool, multiple Kickstarter supporter, Toolshed contributor, Erffic writer and reader?  It's people like me that had the buffer bar removed?   Really?